A late (very late) workday for The Deputy, along with consistently interrupted sleep for me, plus an early morning full of (insurance* company!) phone calls, has provided us with no channeled message today.

* An issue I’ve been dealing with, I kid you not, since the first week of November.

             We’ll be returning to our regular rotation around the card altar, and call that good.  After all, it’s not like we aren’t hearing something from the Universe.

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“Queen of Rainbows  ~  Mastery of the Physical  ~  Flowering

The Queen of Rainbows is like a fantastic plant that has reached the apex of its flowering and its colors.  She is very sexual, very alive, and full of possibilities.   She snaps her fingers to the music of love, and her zodiac necklace is placed in a way that Venus lies over her heart.

The sleeves of her garment contain an abundance of seeds, and as the wind blows the seeds will be scattered to take root where they may.  She is not concerned whether they land on the soil or on the rocks – she is just spreading them everywhere in sheer celebration of life and love.

Flowers fall on her from above, in harmony with her own flowering, and the waters of emotion swirl playfully beneath the flower on which she sits.

You might feel like a garden of flowers right now, showered with blessings form everywhere.  Welcome the bees, invite the birds to drink your nectar.  Spread your joy around for all to share.”

             In the traditional Tarot, this is equivalent to the Queen of Pentacles, who has very much the same descriptors.  But slightly more Earthy.

             This one came off the stack in a not-quite-direct manner, so I’m going to say that she also brings with her the desire or need to be more Flowering right now.  In the dead of winter, who DOESN’T want this?!

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

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is a link to one of the funniest writers on the planet.  Go  HERE  to start, and if you don’t Laugh Out Loud, well, I just can’t help you then.

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will just be to mention that I continue to like my Denise Linn meditation CDs.  And continue to feel as though EVERYONE should be enjoying them with me.  Just sayin’.

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