Here is something I came across yesterday, in my study of Colette’s book, that I found pretty good.  And pretty descriptive of how this concept can easily be applied.

             She’s talking about us only being in any one part of the Map temporarily, “...regardless of what happens.  ‘You‘ exist outside of the drama and the suffering.  The ‘you‘ who says, ‘ah, this is where I am,’ and points to the Map, is your soul.    

             The ‘you‘ who is the Mapmaker and the adventurer holds the power to take  you someplace better, but you no longer feel the need to do so quickly while in a blind panic.  You can begin to explore this enchanted land to see what you can discover.”

             This was helpful for me because it gave a nice physical-ness to a vague idea.  And then when I saw what stack we were up to today, it made me laugh.  We’ve come back around to her OTHER cards.

             Which is why we’ll be going out of the usual order now.  I’ll share my channeled message after we look at this.

oracle cards, hawk prince, spirit messages

“The Hawk Prince  ~  11  ~

Spirit communication, paying attention

The Hawk Prince appears with good news: He flies into your life to alert you that a message is coming to help you manifest your destiny!  Expect a phone call, letter, e-mail, or conversation that lets you know the next step to take toward your greatest good, or to tell you that you’ve arrived at an important stage along your path.

The Hawk Prince is also the Ally for Spirit communication, so pay attention when you think you hear something important pop out at you on the radio, on TV, or in overhearing the conversations of strangers.  Spirit is constantly in dialogue with you.  Are you listening?

Stay open and expect Spirit to speak to you and show you the way to your prosperity in all aspects of your life.”

             All of which aligns perfectly with what I was shown.  We are to be on alert, and mindful of where we currently are.  Because it’s exactly where we put ourselves.  Whether on the Map, or simply on our path.

Don’t look back,

don’t look ahead,

look now.

             We are where we charted ourselves to be.  Our complete adventure is what we need and how we’ll learn best.  Have there been bumps (and possibly detours we didn’t plan?) along the route?  Hell, yeah.

             The very nature of this journey is made up of obstacles!  But, it’s also made up of beauty.  It’s simply up to us to figure how we may learn from both.

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom of the Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Message:

channeled through me, your very own personal radio.

Today’s Sharing:

is this Instagram shot from two nights ago.

Why, yes.  He does think he's people.
Why, yes. He does think he’s people.

             See how help-y Maxx is  being?  Not sure how Dan gets anything done without him.

3 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location

  1. Okay, my computer went here automatically when I was trying to open my gmail so Imma think this is really, REALLY good news for me 🙂

    Your computer is clearly a bright and brilliant machine!

    11:57 p.m.

  2. Fingers crossed for something that will lead me somewhere good. Hoping my path leads me to enough money so I can live in my own place again with my own stuff and room to make my own noise again.

    Leave the end result open, we never know which way our lessons are going to go. We just continue to hope for really good travels!

    11:58 p.m.

  3. You know, the more you talk about The Map, the more interested I am. Maybe there’s a reason I keep looking at it!

    Back to yesterday’s comments, part of my problem is the past few months have had just too much ‘now’ going on and I wish it would just go away. I think what I’m going to have to do is make myself ‘homework’. Regardless of what’s going on, sit down for an hour at the beginning of the day (-after- breakfast and tea 🙂 ) with my ‘stuff’ like ‘Simple Abundance’, a gratitude journal, my cards, crystals, etc. to try and start my day ‘in’ the day. A “have to” kinda thing or, what’s the saying?, ‘Fake it till you make it’? Instead of saying, “I’ll get to it tonight.” Which rarely happens anymore. I’m too tired to ‘think’.

    Maxx is soooo cute! He’s Dan’s supervisor!

    Well, about half the time that dog almost is in charge.

    12:00 a.m.

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