As I was waking up this afternoon, I practiced some Louise Hay affirmation-ing.  Most mornings this is the case, but today felt different.  For one thing, I knew we’d be starting off by making a delivery to Mom and Dad (library books and music sharing), followed by 2014’s first home show.

             But also, because of the message that was shown to me in a dream.  I wanted to make extra sure that all went well.  And it worked.  At the bottom of this post you’ll see the links for (some of) the amazingly wonderful folks we were able to meet (and in the case of a family friend, visit with and talk baby news).

              First, we need to start with this:

of the heart.

             The images I received were bright and clear.  They were also a mixed bag of positive and negative.  Which makes sense, this statement, and it’s idea  are all of those things.

             We sometimes learn “by heart” in school, and later, in our old age, can STILL recite many of those passages.  We speak of someone “capturing” our heart, or “stealing” our heart.  And sadly, “breaking” our heart.

             Conversely, we have the physical heart qualities.  Wasn’t it the Greeks who originally thought the heart was where our thinking happened?  Well, it was someone ancient.  And they had it partly right, if not scientifically so.

             That great big muscle which moves our blood (our biological life force) around, pumping and recycling, is right where we feel things the most.  Many of us “lead” with our hearts in that way.

             As well as heartwarming and heartfelt, still more heart-centered references.  From the Tarot, we have Cups, which evolved into the heart suit in our modern-day playing cards.  

             And next month (although marketing fucktards have already flooded the stores with all things artificially red and pink and lacy) we have the (commercially invented) holiday of hearts.

             Finally, there is this:

two keystrokes which (kinda?) make the shape of a heart so that we can show our love via the interwebz.  What does this mean for us right now?

             All of the above.  Merely a reminder.  We are “of the heart” so that we can love and be loved.  Because that’s the point.  That’s what it all comes back to and originates from.  Super simple: heart/love.

             Back within our regular rotation around the card altar, we were visited, in an oh-so delicate manner, with a representation that continues this caring and joyful theme, wholeheartedly.

animal messages, butterfly message, oracle cards

 “Butterfly  ~

Delight in life and embrace change as the source of your creativity.

As iridescent wings unfurl from a hard chrysalis, change incarnate, the Butterfly is born.  Some cross raging oceans, their apparent fragility belying their strength and endurance, some sip the flower’s sweet nectar for only a day, but all dance.

The butterfly arrives to remind you to delight in life, to take time to experience what you love and to embrace the changes she brings as the source of your own creativity.  Through kindness and tenderness you will attain your goals.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is this incomplete picture that I took when we got home.

home show
There wasn’t room for the bucket or the soups/sauces.

             Far left, the light brown bag: Mountain Rose Herb sample of Peace Tea.  Dark brown box in front with the bow: Cabruca Chocolates, run by a beautiful young woman* named Juliana (!!!) who immediately became my BFF, or perhaps my new daughter.

*We shared our stories and realized that not only do we have a similar name, but we also have very similar spiritual beginnings, plus an ultra supportive husband and three kids in common.  You’ll be hearing more about her, I can just tell.

             Bottom, small bag of Kale Sprinkles (and yes, we did meet the Kale Faerie featured on their site) to the right, a phenomenal loaf from Our Daily Bread (the restaurant and the special occasion venue).

             And finally, all of those Red Ducks.  Go HERE to see what this team from the University of Oregon (get it, Duck?) has created.  (Their story was recently featured in our local paper, it’s truly an uplifting tale.)

              Not pictured is our dear friend/practically family member Alyson who created Sage Stone Botanicals and makes all the products herself.  (They are outstanding, all of them.  I promise.)

             As you can see, the day’s adventure’s were beyond successful.


4 thoughts on “The Feeling Factor

  1. Home Shows!!! I should go look and see what’s happening in the Big City! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    Dislike the pink holiday, but luuvvve the candy! CHOCOLATE!

  2. “embrace change as the source of your creativity” –> that is a new thought to me, gives me some excellent new things to think about. Thanks! and also this: “Through kindness and tenderness you will attain your goals.” I am a bit envious of your haul from the home show– we have a boat show and a gun show here, but nothing nearly that cool.

    There **IS** a gun show happening, across the parking lot from the home show! J.D. went to both. Of course.

    8:51 p.m.

  3. Argh Julie, can you fix my previous comment? Or delete it? I screwed up an put my email instead of my name. I’m doing this on a tablet and I messed up.

    Here’s the original (it was too good to delete).

    6:58 p.m.

    Also from Skye:
    “Oh I love home shows! Haven’t been to one in ages. I should look up when the Seattle one is. And the garden show, too.

    Change as the source of my creativity: that’s an interesting idea. It goes with what a friend strongly suggested to me this morning at brunch, that I write a memoir about all the changes I’ve made in my adult life (plus the changes relating to mom’s illness and death) because most people don’t voluntarily make the huge changes that I’ve made or take the risks I’ve taken. I’m still letting it knock around inside my head, not sure about any of it, but it is another way to think of using change as a source for creativity.”

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