One of the reasons that I don’t call my witchy self elf “Wiccan” or any anything other than eclectic generic Pagan, is because I’m not a good rule follower.   (You may have noticed.)  Today’s daily draw is the perfect example.

             But wait, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  What I woke up with, in terms of our channeled message, needs to be addressed first.  Because it feels as though it’s the next logical step after the past two.


mental and physical.

             When we are well, in mind-body-spirit, then we are balanced.  But if one of those is out of order (or, as we discussed yesterday, in need of Fixing) then they are all off.

             The things that we have to do to keep ourselves healthy are not complicated.  Even though the advertising industry and our overly-consumer-driven culture tries to tell us otherwise.

             In fact, we’d probably be far better off if we purchased less and just walked around outside more.  It’s not a puzzle why we sometimes feel yucky.  Usually it’s a pretty easy and quick fix.  As long as we’re paying attention.

             What I was referring to earlier/above, is the new information that I’ve been gathering, which is a fascinating (and fun) way to tune-in.  Starting with ourselves, then working out.

the map, colette baron-reid
Book, deck, guide slash manual, back of cards, and the one who wanted to be seen today.

             From the introduction of The Map (Finding The Magic And Inner Meaning In The Story Of Your Life) by Colette Baron-Reid, she’s explaining how we all have a map of our lives, and not just that blueprint we create with our Guides and Team before we get here, but a symbolic treasure chart:

“The Map becomes visible to you when you make a conscious choice to be awake, aware of something greater than yourself, and to embrace the possibility of a pattern created by (the) Spirit (world) that you can’t always make out from where you stand.”

             As I was reading this afternoon, it became clear to me why I hadn’t made it in to the card altar room yet (I was literally hours behind schedule).  Well, it was because we needed to take a look at this deck, right now, before I get any further in my studying.

             Is that cheating?  Nope.  There are no rules to break in this case.  We learn exactly when we’re supposed to.  At this moment, we need to know and see and gain knowledge with the help of these tools.

the map, oracle cards, one ring circus

“One-Ring Circus  ~  15  ~  

You are capable and competent.

Independence is key now as you step into your journey today.  Others may not have the vision or resources that you need.

Recognizing that all the wisdom you have acquired along the way makes you particularly competent, capable of moving forward with assurance.  Self-reliance is important.

Another aspect to consider is creating and maintaining clear boundaries between you and another.  Be discerning about your partnerships at this time.  

When you know who we are, and have a healthy sense of where you end and others begin, you’re able to enter into the best kind of relationships and will attract people who mirror back your wholeness.  Interdependent relationships are always mutually supportive, stimulating, and transformative.

You can achieve anything at this time.”

            In the interest of full exposure, let’s also look at the Contrary angle of this one, even though it definitely came up Direct.  It’s new, and we want to know it all!


If  you think that the sun won’t rise without you, then it’s time to change.  Perhaps you believe no one will be there to help you, or you expect that you have to do all the work, emotional or otherwise.  This is a fear-based idea and only serves to alienate you from others by taking away their right to participate.

Receiving the One-Ring Circus card may indicate the misuse of power.  Give it up, let go of the need to control how the wind blows, and let others play their part.  You don’t need to be invincible, have all the answers, or be the savior.   Things will get done if you step out of your own way.

Yet another meaning for this card suggests that someone else may be trying to control you.  This needs to be addressed.  Don’t be afraid to set a boundary – this is a wonderful step to interdependence.   

Consider the example of two trees planted side by side sharing the sunlight equally, neither overshadowing the other.”

             I’ll totally keep you posted as I get farther along, and as I learn more.

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS piece that my eldest daughter wrote, and posted earlier.  Pretty damn important.  Please pass it along.

4 thoughts on “Plotted and Planned Support, Simply

  1. “is because I’m not a good rule follower. (You may have noticed.)” 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of “The Map”!

    Wonderful article by Hanna. As a child of the 60’s and 70’s, I find the fact that we are still running around judging people by color, race, gender, sexual preferences, etc. depressing. When will we get over ourselves? I have always said that humans are some of the stupidest animals on Planet Earth. We never learn. You would think that after a few thousand years we would have made better progress in living in peace and love. But instead we have weapons for mass destruction and rampant poverty. Because annihilation makes better sense, right? (Deep breath. Yeah, I’m in a mood today.) Anyway, liked the article!

    We truly are that stupid. But then, we gave birth to another generation who will do better than we did. That’s the hope.

    9:58 p.m.

  2. Great article. Hanna really is quite awesome.

    I’m interested in this new deck. Normally I’m quite the traditionalist for tarot, but this one intrigues me.

    Becoming physically healthy is simpler (I’m not saying “easy”) than becoming mentally/emotionally healthy. I’m struggling right now with how bloody long it’s taking me to become healthy that way. The physical has its own issues, but t least I know how to get there.

    And I agree with Robin and wonder when the human race is going to mature. Before times runs out for us, i hope.

    This is an oracle deck, created by Colette. So far, all of the things I’ve seen that she’s channeled into existence have been terrific.

    9:59 p.m.

  3. I’m capable? I NEEDED that because my overwhelmed was pulling me under! So many, many reasons to read your blog and adore you …

    And **I** needed that!
    Thank you, gobs.

    10:00 p.m.

  4. Excellent article by Hanna. Very thought-provoking for any of us who write on the internet, even if our audience is small. I have a few posts from early on in my blogging career that I wish I hadn’t written, and no doubt I will write a few more. The idea of asking yourself, “whose voice is missing here? what am I not seeing?” before you post is excellent. And also I’m intrigued by the Map, although I clicked over to her website and I have to confess that I am always a little skeptical of beautiful, slick spiritual teachers. My own prejudice, and probably not anymore valid than the kind of prejudice Hanna was talking about. Great card, though.

    I’m glad that you looked at Colette’s place, I do put the links in so everyone can be fully informed. And yeah, I know what you mean, in this case though, I’ve seen her speak in person. And over the years her site has become more and more shiny. 😉

    10:03 p.m.

    (That was kind of my point during jury duty, and what the judge refused to understand.)

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