It really is true that we’re here to learn; this is school, the Other Side is Home.  And it’s not that everything here is broken, it’s just that everything here isn’t perfect.

              We certainly aren’t perfect.  And yet, our goal, our purpose, is to elevate, spiral upward, move forward in our lessons, to GET to perfection.  (Or ya know, get Home to where Perfection lives.)

              Part of this process is to fix what’s not working.  Strengthen the weak parts.  Address where we’ve slipped and then rebuild, or, as our message says:


             This was not forgotten nor overlooked yesterday,  it needed to be separate.  To remind us, first, of the Relax-Release-Receive trio, so that  NOW, we are better able to Repair.

             Back within our regular rotation around the card altar, this companion, who has arrived with our daily draw, couldn’t agree more.

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“Owl  ~  Cailleach-oidhche (pronounced as Kal-yach Oiche)  ~

Detachment, Wisdom, Change

The card shows a tawny owl in an oak tree covered in ivy.  A full moon shines between the winter-bare branches of the trees.  Hung on the tree are votive offerings to the Cailleach (crone or hag-goddess) of a Celtic head and the spiral of death and rebirth.

Cailleach-oidhche teaches us the wisdom of turning a disadvantage into an advantage.  For most birds the coming of darkness renders it impossible for them to feed, but the owl’s exceptional hearing enables it to pick out and swoop on unsuspecting prey during the night.

 Twilight has been described as owl-light, and going for a quiet walk in the woods at this shimmering time of twilight is an excellent way to develop a sensibility to the Other World and the inner soul of Nature.  You may feel drawn to a study of esoteric lore or clairvoyancy.  Working with the owl as your ally will help you to do this.”

             It’s been a while, but today I was directed to also include the Contrary flip of this one.

Drawn reversed, this card may indicate that you need to be wary of withdrawing too much from the world.  An ability to be detached and discerning is an asset, unless it becomes a defence against being fully alive with all the vulnerability this entails.

Perhaps there is not such a need for secrecy or holding back.   The owl can signal a time of change, of intuition, of new beginnings.  It can portend the death of one thing, but also the birth of another.

An old Sussex saying is ‘When owls whoop at night, expect a fair morrow.’  Expect a bright dawn and it will surely come.”

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philp and Stephanie Carr-Gomm illustrated by Bill Worthington

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is all Emmy’s fault.  I am currently obsessed with THIS guy.

3 thoughts on “Enlightened Restoration

  1. Really a good message, combined with yesterdays. I liken it to a garden. Before you can plant, the soil has to be prepared, the ground turned, and nutrients in place. Or building. First a plan, then preparation, then building. Think I’m gonna listen at owllight for her. In the city I don’t usually hear her, but I do see the bats as they come and go.

    Bats! Also excellent.

    10:19 p.m.

  2. I agree with Xenatuba on the message today.

    And OMG! on those “tree” houses. It would have to be some place warm for me, though. I couldn’t imagine how cold those things would get in the winter! Nor would I want to pay to heat them! And, yet, “Oh, the View!’ *drools*

    Heating isn’t a problem, they use super-efficient stoves (all different types). And since they’re so well insulted (and well built) the treehouses are cozier than most homes! In warm or cold climates.

    10:20 p.m.

  3. I love the owl. On my recent trip to Australia, I was shopping for a hostess gift and ran across a tiny blue glass owl with a big white face. Thank goodness I bought several gifts, because that owl ended up coming home with me and it has place of honor on top of my printer. I like to think the wise owl is supervising the writing. : )

    She obviously is.

    10:21 p.m.

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