The details of today’s visions for our channeled message are still crystal clear, more than 7 hours later.  Sometimes they do that.

             The words, though, were not as exactingly apparent.  I kind of walked around with them for most of the afternoon.  I could SEE the pictures, but not HEAR the point of it all.  Until, of course, I stopped asking for it to be more evident.  Duh.

             And then it was just funny.  Oh, the irony of our Universe and that clever sense of humour.

Releasing yesterday opens the door for tomorrow.

             Another side of that letting go lesson.  But it’s true.  When we sit mindfully today, with open hands, clutching nothing, simply receiving, there is a freedom.   A liberation that we simply cannot get any other way.

             Sure, the memories are valuable, and we should definitely treasure them.  Whatever was not in our best interests, that we cling tightly to like barnacles, any old ideas or ways that no longer work for us, those are the ones we let fall away.

             Fortunately, we aren’t doing any of it alone.  And in our daily draw, right now, we have a way of validating that.

oracle cards, supporting messages, self-care

“Support  ~

Offer your support to someone.

Experience the joy of serving others.”

            Because we now know, when we help others, we are helped.  When we reach out, that same action is returned when we are in need.  It does take a village, and our Team, and our tribe, and our family, and all the guardians we could ever imagine.

             (Be sure to look closely at this card, there are background images that might not be noticed on the initial glance.)

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this item I received recently, but just busted out tonight.

guided imagery, spirit journey, denise linn, meditation cds
Guided meditations by Denise Linn

             So far, I’ve listened to the first 3 tracks.  And while I am recommending them, there’s a few bits that I don’t love.  However, I’ve worked with SO many over the years, that I’m probably just excessively picky.

             It seems like most of them are no longer than 15 minutes.  A very do-able amount.  I haven’t had an opportunity to put headphones on yet, but I’ll try that next time.  If you’ve never done anything like this, I suggest you listen both ways.

             Some of the recordings (of all that I’ve sampled over all these years) it doesn’t matter with, but some it does.  Either way, this is a perfectly nice set for anyone, beginner or advanced.  The meditations are light and not difficult to follow.

             I am going to try to get through a few a day so that I can give you a true account of what the entire product is like.  I’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Onward, together.

  1. Release, dammit, release! (Still working on it…)

    Liked the lion image in the background of the card.

    There was an advert for soymilk on your site. Gack!

    ADS??? Dammit, WordPress!

    9:46 p.m.

  2. Huh. We had a “visioning” meeting after church today, and one of the slides in the presentation said: “We aren’t solving the problems of yesterday, we’re moving forward into a new way of doing things” — the take-home message was “quit obsessing about the same old problems, let them go, and move forward.” Then I sat down and read your message for today. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something, ya think? 🙂

    Here’s yer sign.

    9:47 p.m.

  3. This is great. And funnily enough, I hadn’t noticed the cat in the foreground until you said look closely at the background. ha ha. I’m kind of suffering with that sinusy thing that’s making its way around the neighborhood, so maybe the eyes are not focusing.

    Peppermint oil. Works wonders. And ya know, all non-toxic and healthy.

    9:48 p.m.

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