For the next 24 months I am safe from having to repeat today’s torture.  I have never minded serving on a jury, have done it several times, in fact.  What I don’t handle well is lack of sleep.  Or waiting around.  For 8 hours.  Just to be scolded by a judge.

             Oh yeah, I pissed off “the court” this afternoon.  When asked to be honest, you know this witch will be fucking honest!  So, I was.  And her judgeness didn’t take it well.  Tough beans.  Ya think she’d get up after only less than 2 hours of sleep, trudge her ass on to a bus, then sit stagnant for an entire working-day shift?

             No.  I don’t believe so either.  The lawyer asked a question.   I answered it.  Judge Take-Too-Long wasn’t happy with my response.  We disagreed on the definition of “trying” and “rules” as opposed to “doing” and “instructions.”  (I have a feeling that she and I wouldn’t get along outside the courtroom any more than we did INSIDE of this one.)

             There will be no channeled message today.  My sleep was continually interrupted and far too choppy (several brief naps, one on a couch in the assembly room while every other juror went out to lunch).  Nothing but my own sadness, anxiety, and unhappiness came through.  Fortunately, we get to start over again tomorrow.

             And we have a wonderful visitor from our favorite stack of cards to escort us there.

robin wood tarot, man of means, supportive messages
King of Pentacles

             This guy is often called The Man of Means, because he represents a material (and spiritual) wealth.  He is also an incredibly supportive individual (not always male), in more ways than money can buy.

             Today he shows up to get us through whatever hardship we’re experiencing.  He is there to keep us strong, with his strength.  To keep us rich, with his riches.  Keep us healthy, with his health.  And, to keep us from falling down.

             All of the grapes in this illustration speak of fertility, abundance, transformation and blessing* (not to mention wine, for those who imbibe).

*Quote from HERE, an excellent resource.

             When we consciously and mindfully look towards better times, we are, in essence, manifesting them at the same time.  Those previous messages of prosperity are right here, as validation.  Showing up in this draw to keep us focused on the positive.

              We are never alone.  Whether this is your image of a steady and courageous helper or not, he’s shown up today simply because we needed him.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is a pair of photos that The Deputy took this morning.  (He got up to make sure I didn’t miss the bus.)

jury duty
“Here she goes.  Out the door.  Into the world.”

              Not that I care, but it seemed kind of dark for 7:30something a.m.  (Note the color of my jacket and backpack, it’ll be important below.)

jury duty, up before dawn
That bright light is not the sun, merely a street lamp.

             See that tiny aqua-hued speck in the center of this shot?  That’s me.  At my bus stop, below The Burrow.  Yes, it was foggy.  And also there’s über low clouds, we ARE kinda high up the hill.

4 thoughts on “By Law and By Earth

  1. So I am dying to know which judge you pissed off! And I am glad you got to start over again today.

    Where and when are we getting together???!!!
    You or her, text me.

    11:55 p.m.

  2. Heading for the bus at 7:30something am? Ewwwwwww. My sympathies!!!

    In the Jury Assembly picture on the right, what are the green things. They look like plant leaves!?

    And it is sooooooooooooo not fair not to include the actual conversation and disagreement with the Judge! I’m avidly nosey about such things! 🙂

    The conversation was WAY too long, and it involved the defense attorney. The judge was trying to make me an example, and she wasn’t very subtle, nor nice, about the entire thing. I kept insisting that I could NOT be impartial and she kept not believing me, simply to prove WHO was in charge. Blerg.

    Finally she got the point, after way too many times of me saying, “I can certainly TRY, but since the video we watched in the assembly room said to be honest, I can’t say whether my attempts would be successful .”

    Her last words to me were (after 15-plus minutes of her badgering and me repeating the same thing several different ways), “excused. Leave my courtroom!

    11:59 p.m.

      1. Yep. 😦

        Also, there WAS a plant there. You have such a great eye for spotting those things. The photo was of the doorway into that Assembly Room. On the outside, just to the right (and partially in frame) sits a huge potted something.

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