The message I woke up with today was confusing.  But only because it didn’t seem to have a direction.  It just kept wanting to steer me away from, or into, what I thought was entirely too simple.

            Of course, we all know that to question this process is to doubt it, so I just gave in and went with it.  Allowing it be whatever it felt like being.  (Who am I to argue?)




             The reminder is always a timely one, when we’re speaking of the health of our Mother Earth.  We can’t be TOO dedicated to this.  There is no such thing as taking TOO much care here.   It would be like loving someone TOO deeply.  Not possible.

              The questions I heard were:

are we doing all we can?

could we be trying harder?

is there a need for more diligence?

who will do this if we don’t?

             Clearly we needed to hear this one.  And share it.  Because the idea that if we all tried a tiny bit harder, or did even one more ecologically friendly thing, the payoff for us all would be tremendous.

             Recently, The Deputy and I were gifted an item that made me  immediately suspicious and uncomfortable.  Disposable, one-use options?  Oh hell no.  Wait, what?  Turns out, the single-drink-and-toss choices are just that, a choice.  There is also a way to reuse, compost, and recycle.  Whew!

             What instantly came to mind, when this message first arrived, was that the initial reaction of ours (mine, all mine and no one else’s!) need not be fact.  There are ways around SO many more purchases and processes in our daily lives.  For that, I’m super glad we were reminded.

             Figuring out what MORE we can do is a brilliant challenge.  Not the difficult type we usually have to wade through.  This time, it’s not only for everyone’s highest good, but it’s just a beautiful way to show that we care.

             And hey, speaking of caring, I was directed to this stack for our daily draw (which required a cover-up).

oracle cards, union, angel messages

“Angel of Union  ~

A partnership is blessed and destined for greatness.

A merger, partnership, or relationship of some kind is being formed which holds long-term benefits for your life.  This relationship, partnership, or merger which is with someone you already know or deal with, is blessed and destined for great success of some kind.

Many great and wonderful things are birthed as a result of this union, which will continue to grow and strengthen for the rest of your life.

Thank the universe for this wonderful blessing!”

             When we do good things, good things come to us.  When we take care of our planet, our planet takes care of us.  When we give freely, out of love and caring, we are given love and caring in return.  It’s a Universal Law.  No getting around it.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno with illustration over-lay by Jennifer Hewiston

FLP Report:

includes only Minnesota and Michigan, parked right next to each other.

3 thoughts on “Gaia Gathering

  1. Ooooh, Angel of Union. Now that’s a timely message. I just submitted the manuscript for book #5 to my publisher. I’ve got all fingers crossed they’ll say yes, because it is a contemporary romance instead of my usual suspense. This message creates hope. : )

    YAY for book #5!!!

    11:07 p.m.

  2. Speaking of recycling…. my garage is has a huge stack of shit to go. It’s just that they don’t recycle where we live, which means I have to haul it to a couple of other places “down the road”. I really should do this while we have a break in the weather…ugh.

    I’m also investigating “Permaculture” as a way to handle my yard and garden. I’ve found a number of “Oooooo, I can do that!” -s. Onward, Ho!

    “. . . they don’t recycle where we live . . .”

    I cannot fathom this, there is no place in my brain to put it. 😕

    11:08 p.m.

  3. Interesting card. I’m not entirely sure with whom I’m supposed to partner, but I guess time will tell.

    And recycling is definitely on my to-do list this week. I have a couple of piles from before the holidays (due to sporadic recycling pick-up) and they need to go out this week.

    The not knowing kind of makes it even more special!

    11:09 p.m.

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