It’s fascinating (to me, anyway) how these messages I’ve been waking up with are all so different.  And how they have claimed a portion of my sleeping brain.

             Some are super obvious  and amazingly clear.  Others are fuzzy, more about the feeling than the visual image.  Either way, they are distinctly separate from my own dreams (and visits).

             Today’s contribution to the world according to me and my Team, was a third option: physical.  It brought an actual sensation with it, that I felt in my stomach and then out towards by skin.




             Which gives the suggestion of Care.  But it also speaks to our emotions.  Or intuition, to be more precise.  Because the idea is that we don’t need to rush in to anything.

             Sit with a thought, a prospective offer, a relationship, any decision and take time to digest* it.  Whatever this new “something ” is, it’s being presented for us to examine.

*Here is a further connection to my gut.

              However, we need to remember that if we are TOO slow to respond, we’ll miss a chance that’s not going to wait around forever.  (It will come back, but it might be a very long time getting back to us.)

             Another aspect of this message is of having earned the spot we’re in.  We have worked hard, and we can take our time to respond, should we “feel” like going that direction.

             As I sat with this one earlier, I was directed to leave our regular rotation around the card altar, bringing us to this delightful draw.

oracle cards, fairie messages, increased financial flow, manifesting abundance

“Financial Flow  ~

You have manifested a new sense of abundance in your life.  Any financial blocks have successfully been removed, and you are now in the flow of increased prosperity.  Congratulations!

Your finances are moving up to a new level.  You have been praying for increased flow and have been visualizing greater wealth.   Your positive thoughts and desires have resulted in a rich vein of abundance coming your way.  This good fortune not only applies to money, but also to increased opportunities in your personal and professional life.

The fairies, who are supreme experts in manifestation, advise you to keep a positive and joyful heart as you experience your wonderful new state.  Continually affirm, ‘I graciously accept good into my life right now’ and ‘I deserve abundance.’

If you find this financial flow ever becomes interpreted, ask the fairies to help you adjust your thoughts and emotions so you can graciously and willingly accept all of the gifts that you so richly deserve.


I am financially secure.  I am supported abundantly today, and every day in the future.”

             The reminder is that, while we are being careful with our choices, these new options and opportunities that the fairies are bringing us, we need to continue with our positive thoughts.

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is from Instagram again.  (Hey, it’s handy.  And my camera was at home, having its battery charged.)

rainbows, parking lot scenes, wet bike rides in eugene
My (damp) view, from a parking lot.

             This was the halfway point of nearly pointless errand I went on.  In a fucking monsoon.  On my bike.

             Upside?  Lovely rainbow.  And no one died.  Also, there were pastries.  (Because ya know, when shit goes sideways, it’s always best to EAT!)  (Not.)

FLP Report:

was one Connecticut.  That was it.  There could have been more, but it’s difficult to see, what with all that in my face.


go see THIS, it’s what has been distracting me lately.  Damn but that woman can write.  An example, below, for those of you who haven’t read it yet.  Giving nothing away, just reminding you of how she did what she originally did.

“The white painted boutique they sought stood on some of the most expensive acreage in London . . . . . its colorful windows displayed a multitudinous mess of life’s unnecessities.  Here were beaded cushions and scented candles in silver pots; slivers of artistically draped chiffon; gaudy kaftans worn by faceless mannequins; bulky handbags of an ostentatious ugliness; all spread against a pop-art backdrop, in a ghastly celebration of consumerism he found irritating to both retina and spirit.”

4 thoughts on “Judicially Joyful

  1. Rainbow! A moment of grace.

    Will have to check out the book . . I’ve been re-reading instead of finding new.

    It was so nice to just walk out and THERE is was. They stop me, nearly every time, and it’s like a gift.

    A moment of Grace,

    9:23 p.m.

  2. *Sigh.* Am wandering around sleep deprived and blue after having seen both my kids off to college. Spider Bait was delivered yesterday and I just got back from delivering Saver of Bugs. *sigh*

    Nice rainbow. Haven’t seen one of those in awhile. And you should tell us what you think when you’re done reading Rowling’s new novel!

    Oh how I know that feeling…………….. 😦

    Alrighty, here ya go:
    what I think, is that I love it.
    I also very much enjoyed her other one,
    The Casual Vacancy.

    She writes about people, with the feeling that you absolutely know them, as if they’re real. It’s a true gift.

    9:28 p.m.

    1. Thanks! “The Casual Vacancy” didn’t seem to be well liked. But I also know that people were expecting more ‘Harry Potter’ type writing. They sooo shouldn’t have leaked her identity until well after the book was out.

      1. I don’t read reviews but I did notice that there wasn’t a ton of press about “. . . Vacancy” – doesn’t matter to me. It was exactly the kind of book I like, long, detailed, full of interesting people (!) and not too much going on, action-wise. Like, no forced/strained/affected conflict.

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