As you all know, if you’ve been here in JulieLand for ANY period of time, I am not a tidy witch.  I do NOT live in a beautifully decorated historic home (as much as I would desperately love to).

             I do get my dishes done daily, and my laundry is caught up every weekend.  What I’m less than stellar with is the over-all maintenance cleaning.  Definitely don’t do any on a seasonal basis.

            So, today’s message was heartbreaking.  The images I was shown were a series of putting away scenes, storing cleverly suggestions, cleaning deeply aspects, all visions with a clear get-it-together attitude.  “Tidy” was the bottom line; a place for everything . . . .

and everything in its place.

             Which meant that, obviously, I had to leave the house.  Immediately.  Twice.  Because this damn reminder/portent/suggestion/omen/whateverthefuck sat in the back of mind like an annoying and throbbing low-grade headache.  Not really going anywhere, and not really going away.  It was just there.  For me to try and ignore.

             But, of course, that’s not how it works, so now, we must face it.  There is just shit that needs cleaning.  I know this!  And fine, I’ll do some.  Soon.  Very soon.  I promise.

             For this minute though?  We’re gonna peek at our daily draw.  It’s from a stack that only calls out on the rare occasion.  But every time, it has something important to say.  This afternoon was no different.

oracle cards, sylvia browne, patient and impotent

“Being Patient with Impotency  ~

Many times life makes us feel impotent –

we wish to do so many things but we’re feeling stuck.

Please realize that even in these times of aimless wandering, we are learning.  Let us be patient in our spiritual quest for knowledge.”

             Is the cleaning a form of “get going” from this stuck-ness?  Or will it merely  help with the aimless wandering?  Hard to say.  Apply as it best suits you.  I’ll be over here, plugging in the vacuum cleaner and trying to find a dust rag.

Today’s Deck:

Sylvia Browne’s Heart and Soul Cards

Today’s Sharing:

is really from some days back, obviously before the rains returned (and they have, believe me) but after the snow had started to melt.

finding feathers, signs, messages, oracles, omens
What a lovely fluffy gift.

             We have not seen one in such a long time, this was especially delightful.

FLP Report:

includes a single Ohio, possibly a Delaware (that only Dan saw), and one Pennsylvania (who appeared to be slightly lost, and we totally would have stopped to help but they went a different direction).

Instagram and Facebook Updates:

have a new photo, of my latest hair trim.  In the process of growing out, we must continue to keep healthy.

5 thoughts on “The Messages We Don’t Really Want To Hear

  1. Maybe it was a metaphor for mental or emotional cleaning?

    Although for me, considering the skyscraper-ish pile of “papers I need to deal with,” I know EXACTLY what it’s referring to.

    I’m fairly confident that everyone will know.

    11:50 p.m.

  2. Oy. Yeah, I must dig out my bedroom. It’s insane and I cannot use what little space I have. Now that the housemates have provided me with candles and candleholders, I need to have a place to put them so I can burn candles safely. So this message is completely about the physical cleaning for me.

    Nice card: heaven knows I feel like I’m wandering aimlessly as I look for work! “Not all who wander are lost.”

    Physical cleaning is right up there.

    11:51 p.m.

  3. For me it means the file drawers that are packed so tight that I can’t find what I need. So much unused stuff. I figure if I haven’t looked at that paper in two years it should go. But that means reading it or glancing at each file to determine if it gets chucked. Sigh. Maybe.

    TWO years? I can lay my hands on shit that’s more then ten, without leaving my chair! 😛

    11:52 p.m.

  4. Gah! Cleaning and orderliness (hmm, is that a word?) seem to pop up on a regular basis. Not my thing, but I sure would like to stop losing things to ‘someplace place safe’! 🙂 Though, with both kids at school, this would be a good time to get control of “All The Things”…

    I almost never lose items, as we sit now. But the minute cleaning starts….
    I can’t find ANYthing.

    11:53 p.m.

  5. No fun to get that message, especially when it comes at you like a low grade headache. Grrr. I expect that there is a lot of that in my future, too, beginning today. Being gone for a week has meant that very little “extra” cleaning/tidying/etc. got done here. And the outdoor lights really should get taken down. Sad bear.

    Interesting card message today. Rather that view the cleaning as the direction for unstuckness, I would translate that as “sometimes it is OK to be stuck, be there with it” for a while.

    On the purely personal front, I am back in Eugene, thanks to well scheduled flights that did not depend on planes from the mid-west, and a round trip drive athon by the Mrs.who said she can’t remember the last time she had to drive all of a Portland round trip.

    Yay for safe arrivals!

    11:54 p.m.

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