The irony of today’s message, after what we received yesterday, did not escape me.  It does, however, compliment that reminder more than it might seem at first.

Self Aware

             This is pretty specifically focused on our “inner” self, but of course, since we’re wearing physical bodies, it also has to deal, somewhat, with our “outer” selves, too.

            For example, are we doing all that we can to keep our physical-ness comfortable?  And, are we nourishing the soul as well as the body?

              Mind-Body-Spirit health is not always practiced when we get stressed or overly busy.  Sadly, that’s precisely the time we need it the most.  Focusing on our WHOLE self is the key here.

             Additionally, we need to stay alert to our emotions.  Are we living in an open and honest way?  Mindfully?  In lovingkindness?  Because if we aren’t, then we’re just spinnin’ our wheels.

             On our card altar, I was directed to leave the regular rotation, so that this messenger could show up and tell us where to go for help, should we need it.

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“Angel of Psychic Ability  ~

Your intuitive and psychic abilities are strong and present.

Your intuitive and psychic abilities are very strong and present right now and give you the ability to see through things.  You are being urged to pay attention to what you sense and feel, rather than what you are told or shown.

Trust your instincts when you are around particular people or situations.   You will instinctively know what is right for you.  Regardless of statistics or how professionally it is presented, if something doesn’t feel right for you, then it’s not.”

             I love this one.  I just don’t care for the illustration.  Since we were kind of in a rush earlier, I didn’t bother to cover it up.

             The image though, does not detract from what is being said.  When we feel something strongly, it’s nearly always a sign, message, or guidance from (someone on) our Team.

             My only (other!) complaint* would just be to point out that our abilities are ALWAYS present.  We just might be noticing them more right now, or possibly we’re just being sent some specific information as a warning or signal.

*And it’s not really a “complaint” so much as a professional disagreement I have with Toni.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno

FLP Report:

has been slim to none, so when Dan spotted a Colorado in front of us after pool class I decided to make note of it.  Even though we usually see so many of them that they’re relegated to the “no longer mention” pile with California, Washington, Nevada, Utah, and oddly enough, Texas.

4 thoughts on “Us as Knowledgeable

  1. Yep, focusing on the whole self during the silly season is tough. Those childhood teachings that I’m not worth the time, that’s it’s selfish to think of yourself when other stuff needs done, that’s it’s ‘stupid’ to need quiet time, are hard to shake. Still working on ejecting all that crap from my brain!

    You get a lot of Texas, we get a lot of Florida. Weird, huh?

    Oooo, Florida is very rare here!

    11:26 p.m.

  2. Oregon is a looooong way from Texas. I’m surprised at so many making the trek. Maybe they go to school there to get a complete change from home?

    If, as you say, we always have psychic abilities at hand, then mine are so damned subtle I cannot find them. Or hear them. Or whatever. I’ve tried. A lot. I simply accept it now. it’s apparently not one of my gifts. But the message is interesting at any rate.

    Part of being tuned in to signs and psychic abilities is letting go of what we THINK the signs and psychic abilities will be/are like.

    11:28 p.m.

  3. Funny to think that for the last week, I have been driving/riding in someone’s exotic FLP report vehicle.

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