(Shhh, don’t say anything too loudly, but . . . . . . my mouth injury is improving, didn’t bite into it at all today, but I don’t want to mention it yet.  Fingers crossed, the healing continues to improve.  Thanks for all your well-wishes.)

             Today’s message took its time getting here.  Partly because my “morning” began differently from our usual routine.  But also due to the fact that I kind of needed to process it.

             As lessons go, this is not even close to new nor ground-breaking.   However, it is still valid and necessary, because . . . .

this is not about the physical 

             . . . . it never has been.  Our time here, as embodied beings, does have “elements” of physicality.  We’re WEARING these visages, after all.  But, the PURPOSE of our time here is to learn, advance, grow, and evolve.  None of that deals DIRECTLY with the tactile.

             It is primarily our emotions, our compassion, and our soul that we’re supposed to be focusing on.  So often though, we forget.  And then we worry about our weight, our debt, our lack of status belongings, our wrinkles, or any other useless material-related THING.  The channeled reminder, this message today, is to regain our original purpose.

             Let the monetary, physical aspects go.  Aim once more in the direction of simply being a better, kinder, more loving individual, from the inside out.  THAT is what our journey is all about.

             On our card altar, there has arrived a helper, to aid us in exactly this task.  (Although, the title of it is less than great.)

oracle cards, angel messages guardian angels, messages of sweetness

“Sweetness  ~  Guardian Angel  ~

Your guardian angel is asking you to notice and enjoy the nectar of life.  ‘You are sweet,’ our angel says to you, ‘and I can help you feel that happiness and joy.’  If you’ve felt toughened by life experiences, your angel can help you lower your defenses , while still being safe, protected, and respected.

This is also a message for you to treat yourself with tender sweetness.  Give yourself rewards and be kind to yourself.  Are  you pushing too hard with an ‘all work and no play’ approach to  life?  Be a sweetheart to yourself, and take some leisure time to play and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Your guardian angel will also help you bring sweetness into your relationship in ways such as speaking with love, acting out of kindness, being generous, giving sincere compliments, and being thoughtful.  As you show this extra consideration for others, it is sure to be returned to your plentifully.

The Universe and the angels are helping you fall back in love with life and enjoy its rich sweetness.”

             When we have made good progress on our insides, we are better able to move outwards to help others.

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is an ornament that Dan picked up for me a few beach trips ago.  It was never in the right place at the right time, just couldn’t seem to get itself into the Yule box of decorations.

heceta head ornaments, florence oregon, oregon coast
That white-colored blob, above it and left, is the tail end of a (plastic!) popcorn garland, for size perspective. 
The entire thing is less than two inches tall.

             Last night it was hung on our Solstice tree.  (Which probably won’t be coming down for another two more weeks.  Possibly longer.)

7 thoughts on “Real Reason

  1. Excellent message! I tend to let myself be toughened by life (even though none of my friends ever think of me as tough; guess I started out pastry-soft) and I pull back. But being vulnerable is a stronger, more open state and one I aspire to maintain.

    Glad your mouth is feeling better!

    (Shhhh, so far, only one re-injury.
    And when Emmy walked in she said that SHE had a mouth issue too!)

    10:51 p.m.

  2. Good message!

    This year instead of waiting for the tree to turn into a carcass, I’m taking it down while the kiddos are home. We used to always take it down the second week in January. I think we’ve been leaving it so long because we’ve been putting it up so late. Time to get back to good tree habits!

    I would LOVE it if we could have the kids here for taking-down-day!

    10:52 p.m.

  3. That’s a sweet message. I’m treating myself to the sweetness by eating Hershey’s kisses. I know, not the sweetness you meant, but still! : )

    Totally counts!

    10:53 p.m.

  4. Good message/card today. I think I will do some of that…soon as I get home. With any further weather luck, I will fly home tomorrow!

    Safe travels!

    10:54 p.m.

  5. Love the bitty lighthouse!! It’s adorable. So many of the ornaments we have are on the big and heavy side and we run out of branches that are strong enough to hold them.

    Hope the mouth continues to improve quickly.

    So much of our lives around here are in miniature. 😉

    10:55 p.m.

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