For January 1st (since, ya know, I’m writing this on Wednesday night), we have a Triple Treat.  Three messages, all gifts to see us safely into the New Year.

             In chronological order, the first is what I woke up with today:

never forget to remember.

             It is suggested that we open our minds up past the limits of our brains, recalling other lifetimes, other lessons, other memories.   The true fact is, our soul has never forgotten, only our current physical form has those limitations.

              When we look back, over the day, the month, the year, the lifetime, we can see where we learned and maybe, where we might have learned more.  Also keep in mind, there are no mistakes, so we aren’t searching for places to improve, simply seeing where we might be able to advance a wee bit more in the future.

             Which brings us to the second part of our Trifecta, the daily draw.   Because this is one of the tools we have at our disposal, another step on that ever spiraling upward journey.

oracle cards, self-care, intent, energy focus

“Intent  ~

Focus your energy.

There is amazing power in a strong intention.”

             This is extremely helpful for our purposes right now.  Looking ahead, while never forgetting where we’ve been, as well as mindfully being present in the now, is the key.  Again, all three are valuable and special, but not enough without the others to balance them all out.

             Now, the last bit comes from my new Louise Hay calendar.  Empress was sitting at the kitchen table when I flipped this over, so she got to see it first.

             We both agreed, the perfect image to begin Twentyfourteen.  And excellent dialogue along the side.  Very validating!

louise hay, sea images, calendar pages, january 2014
I’m still not entirely sold on the chosen artist, but this particular illustration has all the things I do love in a picture.

“I am in the rhythm and flow of an ever-changing life.

Awareness is the first step.

When we have some pattern buried deeply within us, we must become aware of it in order to heal the condition.   When it rises to the surface of our attention in some way, we often attract resources that begin to awaken new ways to approach the dissolving of the problem.

Often, our reaction to this stage is to resist the approach.  Perhaps it seems too easy, or unacceptable to our thinking.  We don’t want to do it.  We may even feel angry about the thought of doing it.

Any reaction we may feel is here to show us that we are already in the process of healing.  The truth is that the process begins the moment we begin to think about making a change.

We all have lessons to learn.  The things that are so difficult for us are only the lessons we have chosen for ourselves.  If things are easy for us, then they are not lessons, but are things we already know.”

4 thoughts on “Anew, and A Trey.

  1. Very cool trifecta. Great messages.

    Checking in from the halfway point in our travels: Des Moines, IA. All thee cats and single dog are fine; so are Grace and I. Hope to stay behind all the nasty weather.

    Thanks for checking in from afar,
    stay safe!

    11:15 p.m.

  2. “Looking ahead, while never forgetting where we’ve been, as well as mindfully being present in the now, is the key. Again, all three are valuable and special, but not enough without the others to balance them all out.” Will need to remember this!

    Happy New Year’s to you and yours!


    11:17 p.m.

  3. Great messages. I am making the change to the three valuable things in my thinking. Of course, I’ll need to keep reminding myself, but that’s generally normal to us humans. 🙂

    And our posts have had similar themes lately!

    11:18 p.m.

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