The images I was shown earlier today, were so SO exacting and clear; a precise storyline of our message.  As well as an entire life of one singular family.

             This is the first time that what I’ve seen (before waking up) was THAT precise.  More movie-like than usual.  (And all of what I see spiritually is pretty freaking movie-like and precise.)

             But the message itself wasn’t as specific.  I had the general idea, just not the winnowed down words.  We’re going with this, which is as close as I could make it:

self-sufficient/depend on others.

             This goes along with our topic of the Tribe-Family-Clan from yesterday.  When there are others that we can go to for help, and they to us, then we’ve created a sacred resource which never gets depleted.

             We rely on our Group and our Team, as they rely on us.  This is the essence of being self-sufficient and dependent on others, in all the best ways.  It’s cooperation of the highest level.

             Interestingly, as I stood in front of our card altar, I was directed to flip two from this stack.  When I saw what they were, I knew why.

robin wood tarot
5 of Pentacles (r)
9 of Swords

             Briefly, we know that Pentacles are of Earth and Swords are of Air.  Matter and mind.

             Getting this Five reversed is the way we like to see it, because it means that we are on our way to helping ourselves.  Or, in the case of today’s message, being able to lean on those around us to help all for the greater good.

             This Nine is more problematic, though.  “It’s a fucking nightmare” is what I’ve named it.  If we don’t work pretty damn quickly to straighten out  those bedcovers and realign with the Universe, we could potentially see a not-so-fun series of events in the very near future.

             However, when we apply these two, as a paired set, to our current situation, we have an issue that we need to look at closely, and analyze in a true and factual manner.  Helping ourselves to get past it, and understand it.

             We sort of need to see it for ourselves, but we certainly don’t need to face it on our own with no support.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Anniversary:

was marked by WordPress notifying me of how long this blog has been up and running.  Nice of them.  Tomorrow we begin our 6th year in JulieLand.

Tonight’s LateNight Cop Contribution:

is this text I just received from The Deputy, “Drunk lady calls in to report that her husband is having a stroke – drunk husband calls in to say it was just an eyelash in his eye.”  Thanks, Dan.   And thank you, every officer in America.

4 thoughts on “Lean, and Stand.

  1. Just popping in to say hi! Been spending all my time making xmas presents.

    Hi! Excellent to see you. I know the feeling of just checking in. It’s been all I can do to barely get a post up every night. After tomorrow though, I’ll be getting caught up with all my bloggy pals. 😀

    1:21 a.m.

  2. Home!!! And picking up the dog today!!! We were watched all the way home by hawks of various types. One, while I was driving, swooped in front of the car to pick up a hapless mouse in the median strip.

    And no kayaking at mom and dad’s house. No good place for it and too cold anyway (in spite of the first day we were there it was almost 80 degrees! – it got to be more normally in the 50s).

    Glad to hear that you made it safely home.

    10:52 p.m.

  3. Interesting. I just had an interesting set of emails and chats with Deb about some of my crap and how I really need to do something about how I see myself. I think it’s really getting in the way of progress.

    Dreams with plot lines are my favorites!

    Seeing ourselves truthfully is
    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO difficult!

    10:52 p.m.

  4. 6 YEARS?!!! WOW! Congrats to you!

    Oh, yeah. Definitely bless all the police officers! (Though, I confess, I found that call hilarious!)

    It WAS hilarious,
    that’s why I shared it.

    10:54 p.m.

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