It’s no secret that I fall apart every time my Seattle girl heads north after a visit.  Today was no different, I’m barely holding it together.  What ended up being new though, was that I seemed able to leave the waterbed early and see them all out the door.  Progress, in baby steps.

             Then of course, I had to go lie down.  However, now I’m up, and productive.  Pre-writing because this will be another nearly-midnight mall shift.  (AFTER my pool class!)  We have a closing date now, too.  One more week.  One.  More.  Week.

             Our channeled message seemed tailor-made for my situation, I hope it works well for all of you, too.

Get done.

             As in, we can make it all the way!  The goal may be unreachable, as far as our entire life goes, but the small accomplishments are very easily (-ish!) managed.  As long as we stick with our focus, keep others in mind, practice self-care, and never lose sight of living in lovingkindness, we totally got this thing.

             Additionally, we’ve returned to our daily rotation in the card altar room.  Just in time for this visitor to arrive and reaffirm the overall importance of our journeying.

animal messages, oracle cards, past riches, future abundance

“Bison  ~

Recognize the riches of the past and the abundance of the future.

Monolithic Bison, ancient, magnificent wild lord of the grassland prairies, embodies strength and endurance.  Unchanging Bison has flourished where other mammals have become extinct and counsels that you too draw upon the riches of the past.

Look into your family tree to discover your unique cultural heritage.  Transmute the old and seemingly worthless to a vibrant new form, or study to discover fabulous lost processes or wisdom.

The time for abundance is coming, but you must be prepared to recognize its gifts.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Shameless Self Promotion:

is an offer to help you with any last-minute holiday sharing.


            I have gift certificates available.  Give insight and healing as a thoughtful present.  E-mail me!  (Check out those refreshed eyebrows, THIS is who does them now [mall employee discount].  I continue to be enamored by the results.)

4 thoughts on “Us again, accomplished.

  1. I was just admiring your eyebrows. 😛

    Happy Yule to you, my friend!

    And to you as well.

    (You never know you need to have your eyebrows done until you do them, then you think, “christ, what took me so long?”

    10:43 p.m.

  2. Happy Yule. Having an end in sight does make things a lot easier, doesn’t it. Very cool card, and message, and congrats on those baby steps!

    Thank you. You said it best when you commented that having the proper tools makes all the difference.

    10:44 p.m.

  3. Yay for progress! Baby steps are very important.

    And good card and message. I’m tired and have to leave for my ‘family’ Christmas soon: I stay over a couple of nights with my close friend and her family, and today I’m taking my niece out beforehand. And I’m running a bit late.

    Happy holiday-of-your-choice, everyone!

    And happy holidays to you!

    12:46 p.m.

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