It’s so comforting* to wake up and hear a message that I know goes well with a previous one.  This afternoon was just like that.

*And also pretty strange.

            Working together, compromising, and getting along, does NOT mean we leave our own uniqueness behind.  The opposite, in fact.


within the Tribe.

             We all contribute our own personal style and special details to every situation  and every group.  The value of being honestly ourselves cannot be measured.  It’s beyond important.

             On our card altar today we’ve been handed a welcome validation of this concept.  Because the truth is, we are all healthier when we are all genuine.

oracle cards, healing with the fairies, problem resolved

“Problem Resolved  ~

Card meaning:

An issue that’s been bothering you is being healed behind the scenes.  The solution is creative, ingenious, and is a joyous surprise for you.

You are on the cusp of experiencing welcome relief from a problem that’s been bothering you.  The fairies want you to know that you have reason to smile, as heaven is working on the solution that is so creative that you’ll chuckle with delight at the Universe’s sense of humour.  Basically, it’s win-win for everyone.

You will soon be receiving good news, such as the healing of a strained relationship, an unexpected financial resource, a resolved health issue, a happy addition to your home, a new career opportunity, or a romantic proposal.  Please don’t strain to figure out ‘how’ this solution will be achieved, or in what form it will manifest.  Instead, let yourself enjoy feelings of excitement and gratitude as you allow heaven to help you.


I ask that all effects of mistakes and misunderstandings be undone, both in the past and present.”

             Yes, this is the intention that some of you disagree with (like me, because there is no such thing as mistakes), so let’s see if we can’t do better…….


I ask that all effects of a negative persuasion be understood and learned from, so that all involved may advance and grow and live in love.

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue (with an addition by me)

Today’s Sharing:

is from Robin, go look HERE because: WEB CAM OF LIVE SEA LIONS AT THE PIER !  (Plus you can also see ocean and weather and tourists, which might be more fun than the sea lions.)  Thanks for putting that in the comments.

FLP Report:

Iowa (two in a row) and Wyoming.  (Hard to see the plates from my seat on the bus.)

5 thoughts on “Us, as ourselves.

  1. I am glad the universe has a sense of humor. Or at least can tap into creative problem solving. I liked the reframe of the affirmation, too.

    And today is 12 seconds longer than yesterday!

    More daylight, woo hoo,
    we’re on our way now!

    12:25 a.m.

  2. Ally: 12 seconds longer I will take! Thank you for the info!

    I already knew the Universe had a sense of humor (altho’ I’ve often thought it was a mean one, directed toward me …), but nice to know it’s creative too (which was obvious, but not to me). I’m looking forward to whatever it is that happens.

    I love the illustration! It reminds me of a book, but one that you, Julie, will not like. It involves non-dogs with wings, from the size of bumblebees to the size of a baby’s fist. Done up like a naturalist’s journal. Very clever.

    Correct. The non-dogs?

    12:26 a.m.

  3. Lovely. I love problems resolved! I’ll put faith in that today, in fact I’ll make it a chant. : )
    And gorgeous sea lions, Robin!

    That’s what we need more of,
    chanting affirmations.

    12:27 a.m.

  4. Glad you loved the Sea Lions. I’m here trying to read as I can at night. I’m dealing with ill and dying critters and trying to prepare for Christmas and I’m just not in the mood for much commenting.

    Glad to hear that you are here, sorry to hear that animals are moving on, and yeah, I totally get it. If Emma hadn’t come to help me tonight I would have killed someone with a decorative piece of glass.
    And now, I’m just fucking exhausted.

    12:29 a.m.

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