Happy and Blessed Solstice to you all!  It is the longest night, shortest day.    And now the Sun will begin his return.  There should damn well be a party for that!

             Appropriately enough, what I woke up with this afternoon is saying that when we gather, for our Earth and Sun (and Son?) worshiping, we are reminded to do it nicely.


Team work.

Working Together.

             As we all know, this time of year brings the ones we care about together.   Also, the ones we are related to, oftentimes not so much “care about” as are born-close-to.  No matter who you are near, who you gather with, remember that we’re all in this together.

              Bring your lovingkindness along, and share it liberally.  Also, because this is a High Holy day,  we’ve gone with our Special Occasion deck for the daily draw.  What a delightful and appropriate messenger.

tasmanian devil, purification messages, oracle cards

“Tasmanian Devil  ~  24  ~  Purification

The generic name of the Tasmanian Devil, Sarcophilus, means ‘flesh-lover,’ indicating its carnivorous dietary preference.  Meat is what nourishes the Tasmanian Devil.  It instinctively knows that meat is the only fare that will supply it with the strength and endurance to fulfill its duties to Mother Earth.

Choosing the life of the humble yet cantankerous recluse, however, the Tasmanian Devil is a shy creature that prefers to feed on carrion and road kill rather than relying on its skill as a capable hunter.  Thus, the Tasmanian Devil is seen as the cleaner, the one whose responsibility it is to ensure that the deceased are returned to Mother Earth as efficiently as possible, minimising the risk of putrefaction and contamination of the land and water ways.

Tasmanian Devil teaches us to purify our lives, to honour our bodies, and to exorcise all that is corrupted from our systems.  Eating all that is wholesome, drinking all that is pure, and honouring our bodies by regularly exercising and getting adequate rest are all lessons afforded by Tasmanian Devil, as is only ever doing what is right for us while avoiding the propensity to base our decisions on what others may do, prefer, or expect.

Tasmanian Devils are famous for their powerful jaws and crushing bite.  Tasmanian Devil teaches us to humour ourselves on a communication level, therefore, by using the vice-like power of its jaws to speak with vice-like force or, when appropriate with gentle humility.  He validates the art of cutting through pretense to get directly to the heart of the matter, thus purifying our relationships of dishonesty and misunderstanding.

If the Tasmanian Devil has skulked his way into your cards today, you are being prompted to purify some aspect of your life.  The cleansing process personified by the appearance of the Tasmanian Devil can be as tender and healing as you like  or equally, as gruesome and devastating.   It all depends on  how it is approached and whether or not it is handled in a sacred manner.

To remove all that is stagnant from your life is to realise the fertility that comes with release, liberation, and freedom.  It is to strengthen your foundations and to nourish your desire to expand.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

3 thoughts on “Long Winter’s Night.

  1. Wow. Fascinating card. I’ve long been a fan of the Tasmanian Devil, long before I knew they were real (Bugs Bunny, anyone?). And there’s a Syfy movie about big Tasmanian Devils that guard a sacred spot (and then proceed to kill everyone in a thorough and gruesome way (as far as I can see from the promos), so they are obviously guardians of the sacred as well! (If you can trust a Syfy movie as anything but weird entertainment.)

    Yesterday was an intensely illuminating and purifying morning: I wrote about it in my blog. I think I added some more layers of friendship and connection with my friend I made cookies with, which is always a joy.

    i love the Winter Solstice for precisely that reason; the sun will be returning!

    I’m pretty much a fan of all things Australia…..

    1:01 a.m.

  2. Love it! Of course you know that I was born in Tasmania, right? So, yeah. I’m the devil. At least the TD! ha ha. I adore the message.
    Hope your solstice celebration was wonderful.

    I knew you were from Down Under, but not the specifics.
    Yay Tasmania!!!

    1:02 a.m.

    (It was lovely, thank you.)

  3. I do like the card, and the message that he brings. And we are all in this together. Thanks for the reminder.

    You are exceptionally welcome.

    1:03 a.m.

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