Similar to our “not my sticks” card from the other day, this message talks about owning our baggage and letting go of that which belongs to others.

Theirs is theirs,

ours is ours.

             When we acknowledge and take ownership of our failures and successes, we are living in a genuine way.  Also, we are moving forward on our paths by being mindful and present.

             The release is enormously healing and allows us to be free of that stress.  Once we don’t fret over the problems of others, taking care of our own issues, we are then open to help.

             With no expectations, no concerns of how any of this will turn out, we’ve let go of that worry at the same time.  Carrying our own sticks, and letting others tote theirs, is to honour who we are and who they are.  With grace, and with care.

             I’m running super late tonight, plus, the definition of today’s draw is not quite where we need it to be, so I’ll be setting aside the guidebook and paraphrasing with what comes through.

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“Goddess of Psychic Protection  ~

What you believe, you create;

No-one can harm you.”

             Know that you are always protected and forever safe.  Feel the light of love and the wealth of wisdom, it emanates from your very core.

             Focus on the light and love within and around you, and within every living thing. Imagine pure white light surrounding you each and every moment of your life.

             Believe that you are safe, as we are all connected, and unconditionally loved.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno (with extra tuning in by me)

One thought on “Owning.

  1. First, the logical sign of my mind: we aren’t always safe because harm can come to us, sometimes out of the blue. If this weren’t so, we wouldn’t need all those wonderful numbered people. In addition, one should never take safety for granted and should always take precautions.

    That said, I do like surrounding myself with white light, and seeing the light within myself and others. I love the feeling of connection that thought brings to me.

    I’m going to go connect today! I’ll be baking cookies with my good friend who lost her mother about a month and a half ago. Cookies and empathy today.

    Cookies, and caring. Perfect!
    12:29 a.m.

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