To continue our theme* of Making It Through The Holidays, we’re being reminded of Self-Care during this hectic time.

*A theme!  We have a theme.

             Speaking only from my own perspective (because, ultimately, don’t we all?), I can say with surety that I’ve been guilty of neglecting my needs, focusing on only those of others.  And, that just ain’t right.

             The idea I woke up with this afternoon speaks to our unbalanced selflessness, not the healthy attitude of healing through sharing.



             Of course we aren’t doing it on purpose, it may just be an old pattern.   Our reminder now is to let that go, and begin anew.  With lovingkindness and compassion.  Beginning within, and rippling out, spiraling ever upwards.

             I’ve been going, non-stop, since the second my feet hit the floor, and have, right now, arrived home with less than half an hour before midnight.  Somehow, a card was never drawn today.  Instead, I’m going to share this photo that I took last year.

Oregon Coast 2012
Oregon Coast

             If we fly like this, we’ll be able to leave our negativity behind, in the wind.

4 thoughts on “Start Within.

  1. I recall attending a seminar once, years ago, where the presenter had a phrase that she used “coming from scarcity”. Whether it was a scarcity of feelings, scarcity of money, scarcity of time, if your perspective was “there is never enough” then you never realize the abundance that is actually present in your life. It dovetails nicely with the ultimate message of “A Christmas Carol” (and my favorite personal Christmas tradition in watching that movie, the one with George C Scott as Scrooge). Choose abundance over desire for more.

    I will be done with my concert gigs after the Atrium Saturday at 2 (there’s an implied invite here) and plan to focus on my abundance. And I love the picture.

    Envision my NOT HAPPY face re: a(nother) concert that I can’t attend. 😦

    12:49 a.m.

  2. After so many years of unemployment and using up all my savings (plus my entire inheritance), I have definitely sunk into a mindset of scarcity. Don’t want to, but there it is, almost all my fears in one package.

    However … I have an abundance. Of friends. Of things to keep me warm (courtesy of one of my housemates). Of things in general. Of food (it shows in the weight I’ve put back on, but it’s only 5 lbs) and shelter and transportation (a car with very low mileage for its year and in terrific condition.

    I have a lot to be grateful for. But I need to remember to recognize these things and acknowledge them. Because how else will Abundance find me if not for my recognition and gratitude

    Great picture. You know how I feel about the ocean. I’ve got some ocean pics I’m going to post them somewhere as soon as I get organized!

    No more qualifiers! You HAVE a home, you HAVE abundance. Period. That’s how you manifest.

    12:56 a.m.

  3. Yeah, running around like a chicken here too. And, yeah, neglecting myself as well. Need to take a break. I’ve had an urge to do a post for solstice. But I also have all this Christmas crap. *sigh* Need to find my balance!

    The BEACH! Luuuve the beach. Miss the beach. When Saver went to San Francisco, she discovered Pier 39 with all the sea lions. They did a program about them on TV. I had forgotten about that. They now have Webcams! There’s enough light from the city crap that you can even check in at night. And even at night you will see people just standing at the railings with the sea lions and the water. Lucky people!

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this link!

    1:01 a.m.

  4. Who needs a daily draw when you are telling us what you’re led to tell us anyway? (not that I don’t want the daily draw). Great picture and great reminder to stay sane. Hope today is a bit less stressful.

    Today was outstandingly great, thank you!

    1:02 a.m.

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