Last week, in the deep freeze, my pool was closed for most of the time (it’s on a hill, like us).  And our classes were canceled.  Tonight, we were back.  And it was lovely.

             Only downside?  We are still on the schedule to share water with lap-lane swimmers.  Which is a problem when we have such a good turn-out (like we’ve been having for months now).  I’ll talk to the director, and see what can be done.

             When I woke up today, our message was super clear.  Sadly, so were all of the texts and e-mails and voice mails from the mall job.  Not a great way to begin a Monday.

             However, I have tools now, I have experience now, and I can rescue my improving self elf, pulling Me out of that hole before I’m buried.  And then, I did.

Open an investigation,

into You.

Ask questions.

Dig deep.

             We are being asked to stay strong, continue to live in a genuine and honest way.  Also, look with open eyes at where we are now, where we are heading, where we have been.  We are able to live those lessons that we’ve been learning.

             As well as, inquire within.  With the help of this companion.  Here is who came to assist us on our journey, in our investigation, with our adventure.

druid animals, oracle cards, dog symbolism, loyalty

“Dog  ~  Cu  (pronounced as Coo)  ~  

Guidance, Protection, Loyalty

The card shows a deer-hound similar to the hound portrayed in the bronze figure found at the third-century shrine of the healer-god Nodens at Lydney, Gloucestershire.  Another healing sanctuary at Nettleton Shrub in Wiltshire was dedicated to Apollo Cunomaglus – the Celtic ‘Hound-lord’ – showing that the dog was strongly associated with healing.

It is a bright summer’s day, with the dog-rose, dog-daisy, dog-violet, and dog-periwinkle all in flower.  These hot days of July and August are called the dog-days because at this period the Dogstar Sirius rises and sets with the sun.  We see a pool beside the dog, for there is a deep symbolic connection between the dog and water.

Cu brings guidance and protection, acting as a loyal companion and friend on your journey in both this life and the next.  In the Druid tradition the dog is seen as the Guardian of the Mysteries.  As such, he can be fierce, but if our intentions are good, then Cu will lead us over the threshold through the darkness and the waters of the Unconscious toward the shimmering realm of the Goddess.

The time may come when you need to act with the spirit of Cu – to defend your values or protect that which you hold sacred.  Faithfulness, trust, and loyalty are vital ingredients of close relationships  and the time may have come for you to focus on these qualities – to develop them gradually in yourself and to appreciate them in others.”

             We are being reminded of this High Summer message because of how very winter-like it’s been lately.  The meaning behind this season’s holiday (Solstice, and then later the Christian version) is about light returning after the dark.  And isn’t this a great way to validate that?

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm illustrated by Bill Worthington

FLP Report:

is one car, that Dan and I couldn’t believe is driving around, the license plate frame covers every single bit of information, including state (Ohio) and registration dates (it expires this month).

Helpful Reminder:

lovingkindness, lovingkindness, LOVINGKINDNESS, DAMMIT!

4 thoughts on “Looking In.

  1. Having the right tools for the job makes the finished project a lot easier, and usually a bit better built. Good thing all that personal growth work is giving you those tools.

    I am really looking forward to turning the corner back into light. I have my Christmas lights up outside (and inside, but that is pretty much a year round thing) and have been burning festive holiday candles that smell good inside as well.

    Forgot to get the Solstice candles………

    1:29 a.m.

  2. Wow, I really like your channeled message today! I love the idea of “Investigate yourself.” Because I approach things more from the mind before the heart, things like investigation, experiment, and trial always perk my interest.

    I like the card okay, but as someone who is not a dog person, I have to wonder if there are any cards with your least favorite non-dog on them? Because those are the animals I relate to the most. Of course, I do relate to the wild version as well as the domesticated (to use the term loosely) version.

    I’m still trying to gently lead the housemates (who prefer to remain inert) into at least decorating a tree for the holidays. I like a bit of holiday decoration and haven’t done any in several years. I’ve missed it.

    This deck does have a Cat card, and we’ve seen it about 3 times now. FYI 🙂

    1:30 a.m.

  3. “lovingkindness, lovingkindness,LOVINGKINDNESS, DAMMIT!” Oh, yeah…

    My day has been such that when I got to the end of that, I saw “Irish True” and clicked without thinking. I just figured it was something you put in for us to watch. And it was a commercial. Yes, it said “ad” at the top. But it’s just one of those days.

    And will I get eaten again today? I have been reading every day, though!!!

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