Wanna know what makes me REALLY happy?  Well, I’ll tell you.  When I open my e-mail and find a letter from someone who has paid hard-earned money for me to read their cards, and it’s been worth every single penny.

             Since I am merely the radio, I don’t take credit for what the cards say or what I share.  And I remember almost nothing from a reading, it just all comes out my fingers here on to the keyboard, and I send it.

             But YOU remember, and YOU refer to it.  Then, some months (or even years, in a few cases) you contact me, and say “thanks, and wow.”  Then, I’m super super happy.  Because I helped.  I helped a person, across the miles (or just across town).  We had a fair exchange, and it was beneficial.

             I love when that happens.  And then, there are the days that go completely sideways…… but we appreciate what we have, all the more.  Also, remember when my mother said to not make plans?  Yeah.  That.

             The message I woke up with this afternoon was in two parts.  An image for each:

Soft care.

Hard love.

             I was directed to share that, another direction this concept could go is:



             In our flawed human existence, we experience each other on varying levels.  There is a soft caring, which is pretty easy.  But there is also that hard love, which is more difficult.  Because both are part of the same whole.

             The best way to keep these aspects combined is to be honest.  For example, “yes, it’s challenging to love you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care.”  We simply need others to know that we’re doing our best.  As we know they are, too.  (Or, we HOPE they are, anyway.)

             On our card altar, we’ve been given the gift of Release from our struggles.  I am so serious when I say that asking for help, and letting go, really does get results.

oracle cards, release, letting go

“Letting Go  ~

I surrender joyously to the ebbing and flowing of life.

Card meaning:

Surrender.  Relinquish control and allow Spirit to take over.  You don’t need to do everything by yourself.  All is well.  It’s time to just let it all go and enjoy the ride!  Doing so gives others permission to let go in their own lives.

The Universe wants you to know:

There are times to hold on for dear life, and times to simply throw up your hands and let go.  It’s time to release any limiting patterns, emotional attachments,  or inner and outer clutter.   

Surrendering doesn’t mean that you are yielding to a force outside of yourself.  It means that you’re allowing your soul to take over.  Release the stress of needing to control things, wanting to determine the outcome of a situation, or expecting others to act in a particular way.  

There is a simple grace and beauty that unfolds when you truly let go.  Loving spiritual help is all around you . . .

simply open your heart and let it in. 

Questions to ask yourself:

Is there any thing I need to release?  Is there a person or situation that I need to let go of?  Is there anyone who needs to let go of me?


I surrender joyously to the ebbing and flowing of life.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Sharing:

is a new link under the Important Women heading.  She is a newly published authour, and our support is welcome.  Go see her, HERE.

FLP Report:

Illinois (times 2), plus another one that Dan and I couldn’t agree on.  Either Kansans or a Dakota.  There have been a few more, but it’s been so hectic that I haven’t had time to jot them down.

One thought on “Letting It Ride.

  1. Ah, joyous surrender. I think I did that today. I’d resisted joining a large group because I thought it might be too overwhelming. I go nuts with a lot of chatter. However, I knew I needed their help so bit the bullet and signed on. I think it’s going to be good for me. Nope. I KNOW it will be good for me. : )

    It WILL be good for you.
    And them, having you there!

    12:23 a.m.

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