Today’s message ended up being disturbed by a ringing doorbell and barking dog.  The neighbors are having some remodeling done.  Their windows got delivered this morning.  And the truck (that the windows arrived in) slid across the street and nearly crashed into Dan’s patrol vehicle.

             So they woke us all up.  Due to weather.  And large deliveries which had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with our house or the people in it.  I never left the bed.  OTHER persons had to deal with it, and then try to sleep the rest of his night.

             Yeah.  Not highly conducive to metaphysical work or even relaxation.  However.  I did manage to get all that we needed.  Eventually.  And with much effort.

Grief has its own time line.

             During the holidays we often feel the loss of departed loved ones more deeply.  What with them being gone and all.  Their blatant absence is obviously a glaring reminder.

             But what we need to remember is that they aren’t really gone at all.  They have merely moved on to the next stage of their lives and soul development.  It can be so damn difficult for those of us still here, though.  Us, wearing our bodies and trudging along.

             Time, if measured carefully,  can be an earth-bound solution.  Time is really the only way we can get moving again.  A second turns in to a minute, then an hour, and finally, an entire day has passed.  We survived that one, whew!

             Once we add those days together (and weeks, and months, and years) we have begun to feel an ease with our grieving and the process of it all.  How long?  Doesn’t matter.  The amount of time is irrelevant, it’s OUR amount of time.  We heal as we need to.  At our own pace.

             If we can keep this in mind, going in to celebrations of all types (not just the Winter ones), we’ll make it through just fine.  Well, we’ll make it, anyway.

            When I stepped into the card altar room earlier, the pull to leave our regular rotation was extremely strong.  Here is why, even with a cover-up.

oracle cards, god of reflection

“God of Reflections  ~

The qualities you see in others are simply your own reflections.

You are giving away your power because you fail to recognise and acknowledge the many wondrous qualities that you posses.   The qualities you admire in others are simply reflections of the same qualities within you.

Yet, often, you falsely believe that others are better than you in some way.  It is now time to let go of this belief and allow your beauty, talent, and creativity to shine through.

From now on, every time you see beauty in another, let it serve to remind you of your own beauty.  If you recognise success in another, check to see how success also exists within you, and so on.

As your perceptions are brought into balance, you become a more effective force in the world and have more impact on those around you.   By acknowledging all the beautiful qualities that you already possess, you open the door to an endless stream of abundance and blessings which stream from the heart of creation.”

             This concept goes so well with the other part of our message.  Let’s apply both, generously, and help each other move forward.  With Beauty.  And with Patience.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Political Statement:

’tis the season when we need to know where we’re going to donate money.  (If we have any to donate, that is.)   HERE is a story about where not to put any.    (Includes a bonus view.)   THIS is where ours goes (when we can), sometimes in lieu of gifts.

LateNight Addition:

home-made brownies

             ………. they were awesome.

3 thoughts on “Length and Look of Existence.

  1. VERY relevant messages for me. My therapist and I were talking about grief this week, especially how becoming well sometimes feel disloyal to me, as if letting go of my pain and longing is the same as letting go of my loved ones. Because I am apparently unable to see beyond this life (if there is a beyond), to me they are irrevocably gone and that is hard for me to deal with. But, of course, none of them would want me to hide away in grief and pain and loneliness, so why should I want to? That’s kind of what it comes down to.

    And the other message is excellent. I admire others all the time. Guess it’s time to look inward at that.

    You offer such awesome insights. I appreciate it so much! Hope your weather gets much less slippery and cold. This is why I didn’t even look at Eugene as a place to move to! 🙂

    Thank you, for saying how much you appreciate my work/sharing. That always makes me smile.
    (And ya know, feel appreciated.)

    1:02 a.m.

  2. Strange that this topic came up today. I’d just been to see the movie, The Book Thief, and it left me with a lot of strange feelings on grief, loss, and just really the human spirit. Then I read an author friends short story last night about loss, grief, and forgiveness.
    And I love the card. It has a wonderful message.

    Funny how this all works out, isn’t it?

    1:03 a.m.

  3. great thoughts today, all the way through. We also quit giving to THAT organization a few years ago, although it was a difficult decision to make because in our small town they provide much needed services–for example, when someone’s home burns down. But there are plenty of other deserving charities around that need money, so we have switched.

    It really is such a difficult choice, because they DO contribute so much. But sadly, they are also hatemongers.

    And we can’t get behind that.

    1:05 a.m.

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