First of all, yes, I know the header got huge.  Couldn’t be helped, it just happened.  We’ll have to live with it until the end of the year, when the snow goes away (on screen, I have no idea when OUR snow will go away, predictions are now for freezing rain tomorrow).

             Did I actually take my bike to the store?  Yep.  Did I nearly wipe out about 5 or a zillion times?  Yep.  Did I actually pedal  home?  Nope.  My son (begrudgingly) met me at the market and carelessly shoved carefully stored my two-wheeler in his car trunk.

             I told Dan, as I was leaving (and he was shoveling the driveway) that I had no expectations for this journey.  It would work or it wouldn’t.  Either way, I was out there.

             Here is the full view.  For documentation purposes, for when I switch out this picture.

Snow bike.
Snow bike.

             Our message today was extremely clear, and not a bad follow-up to yesterday’s:

New is not (always) better.

             Again we are being reminded that the next purchased item is not going to solve all of our problems, not make us feel good, not even help us to be in great standing with our loved ones.

             And on our card altar, today’s draw talks about another aspect of showing our love, still in a non-material sense.  And like the last one, I am being directed to step away from the guide-book.  I’ll be channeling whatever definition the Universe feels we need to hear.

crystal oracles, jasper red

“Jasper Red  ~

nurture, care, protection, energy flow, life force”

             Our love and attention, aimed at ourselves or others, is a healing miracle that we don’t often recognize.  Just the simple act of smiling as we drive through a crowded parking lot, or thanking the clerk behind a busy store counter, can do much more than we realize.

             We don’t need to think about any situation ahead of time, just know that the more we surround ourselves with lovingkindness, and share it as much as possible, we are changing energy.  In a really positive way.

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Stylish Dog:

is by special request.  I heard you asking!

dog coats, martha stewart collection
Photo credit:

             Here is Grand Dog, modeling his newest attire.  Layered, of course.  Underneath is a festive holiday sweater (which I’ll get another shot of soon) and on top is his fashionable winter jacket, from the Martha Stewart (Gentle Pets) Collection.  He has several toys under this label, and we all like them.

Today’s Mileage:

for the half-a ride is a mere 2.397 miles, in 16 minutes 55 seconds (but it felt WAY longer), with a glacial average speed of 8.5 MPH.

Tonight’s Kitchen Adventure:

is a shared recipe that Glynis recently tried, and recommended.   HERE is the info.  They just came out of the oven, I’ll keep you posted.


6 thoughts on “Safe and Cared For.

  1. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr — it’s cold up there! Glad to see Grandfurkid bundling up properly for the weather!

    I would have felt better if he’d been wearing boots…….

    2:44 a.m.

  2. So, with respect to the weather… my fancypants phone (now in its “lifeproof” case) has not one but two weather apps on it. One (the iPhone default) is at this minute reporting 18 degrees at the airport. The other (from weather underground, with a reporting station about a mile from my house) is reporting 40 degrees. Now, they have been running about 10-15 degrees different, but not 22. The thermometer associated with our heating system is reporting 32 degrees. The xenatuba assessment off of the back deck is in the 30 degree area. There is still snow on the ground, and the worst driving I did was last night at about 6:30 when all the snow that had melted during the day froze.

    But my weather story is trumped by my friend Chris, who reported that her 10:00 skating trip to the airport to pick up her partner was thwarted by the inability of a plane from Salt Lake City to land under the fog/freeze conditions at the airport. The airline knew the inability, but they flew to EUG and back to SLC anyway.

    The final aftermath will become clear in a few hours when the sun comes up. It’s been raining all night, and my phone says 39 degrees.

    2:45 a.m.

  3. I am so glad you didn’t wipe out in the snow! Max looks good, as always. Those brownies sound delicious.

    They were amazingly easy. The batch I have ever made that actually turned out correctly.

    2:46 a.m.

  4. So glad you’re safe and in one piece!!!

    It’s 17 degrees here. And the screwy weather is, well, screwing with plans here. Saver was supposed to send all the live things home with her grandmother a couple of weeks ago since she’s going to Texas. But she woke up to find one of her furbabies at school had passed and she was out of sorts when grandma came and forgot to give her the fish and her SO’s snails. I forgot to give grandma a check list on what all was coming home so she just took what Saver loaded in the car. *sigh* So I figured I’d go this Sat. Spider Bait would be done with his finals Fri. afternoon and I could grab him by the scruff of the neck and take him to see his sister in person. (He hates long drives, too boring. I say, “Too bad.”) Well, a snowstorm is coming Fri night for Sat & Sun to ..??? And she leaves next week. So I’m now getting up tomorrow and hauling ass over the mountains to pick up fish and snails. Did I mention how much I dislike being cold?

    As for my email issues…We are at the point where there is little we can do without spending hundreds of dollars on security software for ‘our’ computer. The husband has been questing others who use the same service we do (It became available through his employer, long story). Apparently, I’m the only one getting bombed. 100 – 200 pcs of junk a day average. And they don’t have scads and scads of spam filters either. The consensus is that someone I gave my email to had their email directory pilfered. Evidently this is quite common. Less likely these days of personal identity theft is that some business sold their email list. I’m going to have to shut down my email completely at some point. But first a list will be have to be made of all the people who have it that have to be notified before we shut it down. And, of course, a new email set up (the easy part). I think the day of phone calls n shit is gonna wait till after Christmas.

    The minute you become “Mom” you are that person for the rest of your life. (And not just to the people you gave birth to.)

    2:47 a.m.

  5. Oh Robin, be careful! And it sucks about the junk mail. I have developed a junk mail problem on my professional email address, which I can’t change, but it isn’t as bad as yours so I’ll be grateful for that. Good luck on your drive and with the critters (at least they are quiet ones!) and on the spam problem.

    I love that Maxx is wearing layers! Of course he’s wearing layers: it’s damned cold out there and he is not a sled dog! I also love that he is wearing clothes from the Martha Stewart collection. He is a totally stylin’ dude and handsome as well.

    I’m glad you didn’t get killed or maimed on your ride in the snow. And that your son was available to bring you home.

    I like the message. It makes me think of the times when I tell people that I like what they are wearing, or that I appreciate what they’ve done, or that someone who referred me to them spoke very highly of them. People appreciate that, even people such as the highly experienced bankruptcy lawyer I talked to this week. It’s a good transfer of positive energy, and one I can do even when I’m low.

    “It’s a good transfer of positive energy……”

    It absolutely is.

    2:48 a.m.

  6. love the idea of paying attention as a healing act. That is pretty helpful to me at the moment as I keep having (really) sick friends, and then minor ailments myself.

    We are healed when we take on the healing.
    Funny how that works out.

    2:49 a.m.

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