Late night at the mall, so all we can manage is the basics.  Plus a few photos and one Sharing treat.

              How timely today’s messages are.   Especially since our culture has put so much (too much!) emphasis on the material aspect of winter holidays.

Utilize what’s on hand.

             Which really goes along with what so many of us are doing right now, crafting, buying local, or making our gifts.  As well as, spending less and trying not to be so extravagant.

             Then, on our card altar, we’ve received a similar recommendation.

mermaid messages, home made crafts and gifts

             I’m not going to give the guide-book definition this time.  Instead, I’m making an executive decision* to simply say that this mermaid arrived to validate our earlier reminder of not over-purchasing, and giving from the heart, not the market.

*Truthfully, it’s not even me, so much as what I’m hearing and being directed to do.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphin Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is from yesterday’s comments (and whoever originally posted it on Pinterest).

yule, solstice, winter blessings

             Kinda perfect, huh?  Yeah, I thought so, too.   Thanks, Anna!

Today’s View Of My Day:

will begin with this shot from just outside the bedroom slider.

snow scene
Use the green garden hose loop (bottom right) as size reference.

             Yes, the turkeys were investigating while we slept.  Those footprints were NOT there yesterday.

             And lastly, here I am at the bus stop this evening, on my way.

This is the light at 5 o'clcock, in the snow.
This is the light at 5 o’clock, in the snow.

             There is nothing wrong with your eyes, my camera was behaving poorly and refusing to focus.  No clue why.  If you are a photography-type of person, and live near by, please come over and adjust it.

LateNight Mention:

don’t forget, if you are not on Instagram, there’s an updating link with pictures from my account way over   <———-  on the left.

2 thoughts on “We Can Do It. Ourselves.

  1. I must have checked right before yesterday’s post on Monday night because I hadn’t seen the last two. Love the Yule prayer, and the reminder to use what we have on hand, because I am doing my best to be relaxed and low-key about the holidays this year. But mainly I wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s post, because my way forward is nothing but murk at the moment. I need to sit down and have a little talk with Uriel. 🙂 Hope you have a great day and that the mall is turning into a place of blessings.

    Timing is everything. 😉

    10:43 p.m.

  2. Damn but your turkeys got big feets! What do you have, Genetically Modified Wild Turkeys(tm)?

    Good card. I even made do with what I owned to make my niece’s mitts once I realized that the bracelets would e too complicated and time consuming. I used one ball of unidentified bright turquoise yarn from the thrift store (frozen for a week beforehand to make sure any buggies are dead) that I think is a wool or wool-blend, plus pink furry yarn that I had from Texas. They came out stunningingly cool!

    All for contributing to a global economy and impoverished people helping themselves, but right now I’m semi-impoverished and I love giving homemade gifts anyway.

    Turkeys need big feet to carry around their big bodies.

    10:44 p.m.

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