This is how it is.  Well, this is how one bit of the whole works.  The piece that is making itself known to us today.

             And the piece that many of you have asked about:


             See, we really do plan our lives.  We chart it so that we learn the exact lessons we’ve come here to learn, in the best possible way.  With choices, and freewill always in the mix.  It’s all about the evolution of our soul, and has very little to do with the body we are wearing.

             Wait, it has some to do with the body we are wearing.  Primarily the lessons on that level are to be beyond the concerns of this mortal shell.  Soul work trumps body work, always.

             It’s not our job to make others “pay” for their transgressions.  We have a physical justice system, true.  And yes, it’s flawed.  Because it’s run by humans, inherently flawed beings.

              Again, moving beyond the material realm, we let the repercussions of a person’s actions go.  Everybody is called to task for their actions.  Every body.  But, it is simply NOT our job to do the calling.

             Our goal is to rise above these issues.  Like being the better individual, our lessons are about moving past the mundane and aiming at the spiritual.  However, our daily draw does remind us that there are those activities, all physical, which bring us emotional joy.

Page of Pentacles
Page of Pentacles

             She is of matter, of the Earth.  She appeared today to remind us of our tactile passions.  Reading, writing, art, crafts, gardening, hiking, neighborhood wandering.  Makes no difference WHAT it is, just don’t forget how happy it makes you.

             Princesses were what these Pages originally were called.  They bring us the gift of Girl Child power.  That heartfelt and blossoming feeling of being female, of sentimentality, and of natural intense warmth.

             Her reminder is to be free with your passions, and enjoy the physicality of your being.  Let go of worries about what other people are doing or getting or having or feeling.  We are being asked to aim at ourselves and shower these beautiful souls with loving care.  And ya know, any items that bring us joy.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is two more snow shots.  These from J.D.

eugene in the snow
A night-time view.

             If you could see a smidge to the right of this angle, you’d be looking at my award-winning library.

st mary's in eugene
Catholic church. For Mary.

             Thanks, to my son, for these incredible pictures.

Tonight’s OutReach:

will be a help-y/feedback request that Ally put in a recent comment.

            This is what she said:

“I am the Webmaster (Apprentice) for the Oregon Tuba Association, and I run our website off of WordPress. I have been trying to keep the website uncluttered . . . . . . If you want to give feedback . . . . . .  I really wouldn’t mind input.”

              Go HERE.

11 thoughts on “Of Touch and Feel.

  1. Someone from Texas pointed out that Christmas’s Past is a grammatical error and should read Christmases (I think Christmas’ would work – discuss…)

    (This is obviously Dan.)
    3:29 a.m.

    P.S. Thanks, beloved friend in Texas. 😉

  2. I love that card. It reminds me of the Sweet Pea. Admittedly she would THROW that glowing ball of joy and peace…

    She can throw all she wants,
    we’ll assign someone else to fetch it.

    10:14 p.m.

  3. “Let go of worries about what other people are doing or getting or having or feeling. We are being asked to aim at ourselves and shower these beautiful souls with loving care.” Yes. Hope you have a great Monday!

    My pool class was canceled but there was so much mall work to do (and driving anywhere took hours) that it was probably for the best.

    10:16 p.m.

  4. I love Pages! This is a lovely card and as I’m busily crafting and my body is basically hitting me with a sledgehammer to get through the message that It Wants To MOVE, this card is very relevant.

    To Ally, re the web site In general, I think it’s a very clean and easy to access design. The only thing I don’t like is that caption thing that covers part of the pictures on the home page; I know the caption is clickable and I guess that’s why they are SO obvious, but they obscure the pictures, which should be at least as visible as the captions. Also, I have a problem with how the captions grow every time my arrow moves over them: it’s distracting. What clicking on the captions does (opening a window within the window that provides info and links) is great, but maybe there’s another way to put in that ability, such as a smaller arrow (or not an arrow, because it looks like it’s pointing to something in the left-hand pane) or another shape altogether. Just my 2-cents. And, as I said, I think it is otherwise a clean, attractive, easy-to-use site.

    And Julie, where are my pictures of Maxx in his winter wear? I mean, it’s all about me, right? 😀

    Hope you and the Mr. are staying warm. Hi to Dan! *waves*

    Dan says hi,
    and I’ve requested a photo from Emma.

    10:17 p.m.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I really want to redo the first page, and have those photo albums be on a back page. I will see what I can do about managing them.

      1. Nooooo, I like the photos on the first page! My suggestion is to move the title to the bottom of the photo and ditch the arrow. Like Skye, I thought they were pointing to something. You could also take the photos and make a mosaic of each event. Of course, mosaics might be too much eye clutter for you. But seeing what the band is doing, I believe, -should- be on the first page. The arrow ‘thingy’ was my only complaint. The site is easy to navigate and I had no problems. I particularly liked being able to see and read about all the members. And “Oh!” if you can do all that clicky arrow title thingy and photo galleries, you no longer qualify as a mere “Apprentice”!

      2. Why don’t you make the photos into a slide show on the first page? And then have a link to photo album(s). Like Skye said, it is clean and easy to read, which is a definite positive. I’m with Skye on the arrow-y looking caption. And I find the bounce of the links when I mouse over them distracting. I’d rather highlights. I’d also like a more dynamic font, but you have to be careful there because clear and easily read trumps decorative.

  5. Sooooo, this is my second attempt on the computer. The damn battery on the computer crapped out without warning eating my original comment to Ally. And then things got weird around here and then it was time for dinner and….. yeah, I’m feeling whiny today. AND this is the second battery for this laptop. What the hell is it with me and BATTERIES!!!!! I bought a lap desk with a fan and everything!!! Of course, I can kill a watch battery in one to two weeks. But I bought a lap desk to put between me and the computer!!!! This was supposed to work!!! Gah!!! *sigh* Computer batteries are so damn expensive.

    I am so a Pentacles kind of person, so I was glad to see this card.

    This weather is so weird. So many places (not us) have already gotten their entire ‘normal’ year’s worth of snow and then some. And more is on the way. I hope everyone stays safe.

    Battery problem solved by sitting near a plug. Or, in our case, dragging extension cords all over the house.

    10:21 p.m.

    1. ‘Cept I have a 50 lb galumpf of a dog that has ripped more than one or two cords out of the electrical sockets. I managed to keep one cord in the kitchen intact by taping it to the floor and the table. But that meant the table couldn’t be moved and you could only work in the kitchen. That didn’t go over so well! 🙂 We were discussing the possibility of a power strip under the middle of the couch from a plug behind it. But we would have fasten it somehow to keep it in the middle and away from the recliners on either side. Decisions, decisions.

  6. I got the Temperance card in my daily draw today, indicating a need for balance, which I absolutely do need. And apparently I need more balance between school and tactile passions. *sigh*

    We finally got snow last night, but then it turned to ice, and then it all melted. I think we’re supposed to get more tomorrow and later in the week as well, though.

    Listen to those cards. 😉

    10:22 p.m.

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