We have our two messages tonight, and then I’m off to work.  Holiday dinner was delicious, with plenty of sharing the workload.

             When I woke up earlier, this is what I heard:

preparation and thorough planning really are the keys to success.

             It was more of a nightmare than a dream though, because how I saw this reminder was of an image (and supremely deep emotion) of what happens when we don’t prepare.  Difficult for me, very very difficult.

             Our daily draw is another gorgeous card from Denis.  Accompanied by an equally beautiful message.

oracle cards, looking deeper

“Looking Deeper  ~

Deep within me is a majestic radiance.

Card meaning:

Things are not always as they seem.  Look deeper into the situations and relationships in your life.  Something that seems closed may, in fact, be just ready to open.  If you go beneath the surface, you may find hidden gems of truth, or abundance.

The Universe wants you to know:

This is a time to engage and reflect.  It might be worth taking a second look at something previously passed over.  Imagine a mystical mountain lake where you can see the reflection of the sky and trees.  But when you look beneath the surface, you can see sparkling gems in the crystal clear depths.  Those hidden treasures are meant for you.  

By exploring hidden crevices in your soul, you will begin to uncover even more profound levels of the vast majesty within yourself.

Questions to ask yourself:

Regarding my relationships with myself and others, is there an area in which I should look deeper?  If I need to go beneath the surface of a situation in my life, how should I proceed?  Is there anything that I’m not seeing in my life?


Deep within me is a majestic radiance.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denis Linn

4 thoughts on “Two Messages, and that’s all. For now.

  1. And I hope your holiday celebration was awesome. The Mrs. had a traditional turkey dinner while I had fish, overlooking the bay. I thanked the wait staff, both of whom were from Oregon.

    I am intentionally going to engage in a prolonged spree of non-shopping today, however.

  2. Gah! Holiday insanity. We stopped by the local Walmart just out of curiousity after Turkey at the relatives. OMG. Freakin’ ridiculous. I’m home today. No Black Friday craziness for me!!

  3. It’s very weird how I seem to be resonating with the last few messages. I’m still doing these visualizations most mornings, and today’s included being enveloped by the burning lava of the center of the Earth, and by the burning plasma of the Sun. In a good way, to wash my wounds (mental, emotional, spiritual) clean so they could heal into scars — marks of past experiences, but no longer active, in-the-present pain. (There was a lot more, but this was the part that resonated.) And also, there was a part where I held the radiance of the sun and used it in a compassion visualization. Weird, the connection.

    Of course, you my dear Julie will not think this is weird. 🙂

    And today, like Ally and her Mrs., our household is engaging in hearty non-shopping. We support all non-essential workers having Thanksgiving and Christmas/holiday of choice off.

  4. Well, I did have to go out for coffee and bread and for a new iron for the girl who had to iron her blouse and apron for work but that was at the local drugstore, not out into the insanity.

    Hugs to you and healing from nightmares.

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