Picture me doing the flailing arms and legs Muppet dance, okay?  Got it?  Great.  Kids in town, kids in town, kids in town!  Really, I am beyond happy.  EVERYONE will be at dinner tomorrow!

            Now, for the downside.  Half an hour before midnight, on Thanksgiving night, I (and tons of other working poor) have to leave our families and go work retail shifts.  If any one in JulieLand knows people who shop this bullshit, tell them for me, and my loved ones, and all the other minimum wage earners:


             If nobody participated, nobody would have to work these events.  No, we don’t get any sort of special or extra compensation.  Just the same few pennies we make all the other days and nights and weekends.

             Stepping off of my soapbox now, and heading back towards that serene and peaceful realm of the metaphysical.  Where commercialism isn’t quite so obnoxious.  (Or at least, not so in-your-face, anyway.)

             The message I woke up with was pretty intense, and not all together pleasant today.  It was, however, very valuable and clear:

no situation is so dire that being hurtfully deceptive is the solution.

             It is true that we can’t live our entire lives being completely open and honest, we’re flawed creatures, that isn’t even possible.  What IS do-able though, is to avoid causing someone else pain and being intentionally deceitful.

             Dan and I were talking this afternoon, about a friend of ours.  A man we both truly care about, but who we also worry over.  He’s very unsatisfied, with everything.  Like being honest, being unhappy is a choice.

             Reacting and replying in a negative tone, or a complaining manner is something we can or cannot choose to do.  Being positive and kind, pleasant and polite, are options we can select any time we like.  But we have to know that both ways are differing paths, bringing us differing results.

             On our card altar today, we can apply this idea to the daily draw message.  Making that choice.  (And you know how I feel about Choice.)

self-care, oracle cards, goals

“Goals  ~

Set a goal, write it down, and release the outcome.

Small steps make a big difference.”

             Also, this is illustration.  I adore it.  Calm, with warmth and hope.  All things I strive for.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Mileage:

was to the pool and back.  It was not below freezing, in either direction, so I didn’t wear my shoes, for any of the 3.87 miles/23 minutes and 15 seconds.  Average pace was up nicely, at 10 MPH.

Today’s Instagram Sharing:

in case you aren’t following me over there, I began with this view.

Frosty frontyard faerie fountain.
Frosty frontyard faerie fountain.

             Before I left for my class, while Dan began his pie creating, I made the guest bed.  For our guests.

dogs on beds, hawaiian quilts, guest rooms
He is not a guest.  Well, technically he is, but he isn’t who I was making the bed for.

             At every step along the way, with each layer I added, he was there.  Being help-y, as always.

FLP Report:

a newer Georgia plate we’d never seen before, it might have had a peach on it.

6 thoughts on “Live Honest, Live True, Live Now.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Julie! I hope you have a great time with your family, and that work is as fun as it can be.

    And to you as well!

    I’ll try to remember to have fun. 😉
    (And take pictures.)

    11:54 p.m.

  2. Happy, happy, happy having kids home!! And family together!! We’ve got my mom and dad and a nephew far from home at college.

    Fuckity, fuckity on working in the night tonight. Total insanity is right.

  3. It sucks that you have to work tonight. I don’t think any of my “family” shops Black Friday anymore and no one I know does that stupid middle of the night shit. Definitely insane.

    As for unhappiness being a choice: I’d say it is and it isn’t. Depends on how you define unhappiness. I think one can choose to be satisfied or dissatisfied and certainly how one approaches things is a choice. But I don’t think we choose our emotions, and we can’t always choose how we respond (but I think we can except in extreme circumstances). I know I work hard at overcoming depression and sadness and all the other crap. I am working on getting better at happiness. It’s neither simple nor easy.

    I’m so glad you have everyone there for the holiday! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all, including the bed-making helper!

  4. WooHoo on having the kiddos home! This is my first Thanksgiving and Christmas without Saver (She’ll be back Dec. 28). She is with her SO in San Francisco meeting her family. Her mother and father are separated, so father at Thanksgiving (SF) and her mother (in Texas) at Christmas. Her family bought the airplane tickets so they could meet Saver. Wow. But I’m still going to miss her, especially on Christmas morning.

    As for retail crapola, my BBF works for See’s Candies every year for extra money. They are -not- opening up tonight even though the Mall will be open. That’s a good thing. The bad thing is that See’s will be fined by the Mall for -not- opening up tonight. Apparently this is part of your contract when you work out of a Mall. You have limited circumstances in which you can be shut down while the Mall is open without getting fined for being closed. What a bunch of bullshit.

    Calm at this time of the year would be nice. Calm, calm, calm….

  5. When I was in college, I worked at a small grocery store which was open every day, including holidays. My Dad worked a job where he worked holidays as well, so this was normal (and look what I ended up doing for most of my working career…) for us. I remember working one Thanksgiving when a customer who had become a friend came in with a glazed look in her eyes. She had just started dating a fellow whose parents were coming for dinner that day. Now, my market stocked fresh turkeys, and I called Mom and had her tell this lady how to cook a turkey. No surprise, when she came through my line, there was my Mom’s dinner in her basket. The cool thing was that she brought me a plate, and a hearty thank you to my Mom.

    I think there is a difference between some places (gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants) being open, and retail places being open. I was glad Safeway was open today so I could buy a bag of rice for my phone to swim in… I won’t shop for crap today, nor tomorrow. I hate the concept of Black Friday, and refuse to participate. It is unconscionable that retail has extended this to Thanksgiving.

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