I have become far too interested in the weather updates on my fancy pants phone lately.  They are just so damned detailed!  Also?  What is it with me and middle eastern young men on the bus?  I met another trio of them tonight (after last week’s encounter, another threesome helped me load my zillion pound bike onto the rack).

             They are all supremely polite and courteous.  This evening’s topic of conversation was a plastic checkbook holder that one of them had, and none of them knew what it was for.  We also discussed seasons.  Fall and Autumn are the same thing.  But Spring, Winter, and Summer don’t have other names.

             Their English was not great.  But that didn’t bother them all that much.  It was delightful.  No doubt they miss their mothers, being so far away from home.

             Earlier, before the commute portion of my day, Dan and I got some food gathered for Thursday’s dinner.  And before that, my channeled message made me wait.

             The full explanation had to build itself into something that made sense.  I had the images, just not what the hell they were representing.  Was this so I’d understand it all better?  No clue, I’m just the radio here.

The time it takes a lesson to be learned may not be how long it takes to learn it.

             Hold on, I know this may seem difficult or redundant, but it is actually very profound once you wrap your head around it.  Time is not straight from here to there the way science says it is.  Well, it isn’t ALWAYS like that.

             Often it’s perfectly forthright, but occasionally it’s slipperier.   For one thing, the Here, and the There, are nothing alike.  Our measuring devices are useless on the Other Side.    Whatever title you slap on the Universal energy, it doesn’t wear a watch.  Or carry a day-planner.

             On our card altar this afternoon, we’ve left the regular rotation so this messenger could chime in and help us to see what needs doing.  And what doesn’t.

fairie messages, healing with music

“Make Music  ~

Express yourself with music.  The fairies urge you to sing, play a musical instrument, tap your fingers, or crank up the stereo.

Music lifts the soul to new heights.  It alters your mood and your outlook.  The fairies play music at their celebrations because they know its therapeutic value.  

By drawing this card, you are guided to surround yourself with music.  Any type of music that will stir your soul is appropriate.  The fairies are especially fond of  joyful, fast-paced music, because it stimulates a festive mood.

Play music yourself, or have music playing around you for the next few days, and notice how your mood and energy levels elevate.   You may find that you are drawn to new types of music, or to a genre of music that you enjoyed a long time ago.  Make a note of any songs that you repeatedly hear on the radio or in your mind.  The lyrics, or the memories evoked by the song, could contain a message for you that will answer a particular question.


Deep within my soul, I now accept and experience the healing power of music.”

             See, much as we’d really rather not, being patient (and otherwise pleasantly occupied) in a positive and gentle state of mind does nothing so much as speed our lessons along.  When WE try to rush them, well, we all know what a shitty outcome that brings.

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is dinner and dessert, mall food style, but with no preservatives or chemicals.  And all made right here in River City.  By local folks.

gyros and fudge
Fast (but not bad) food.

             We found one of my former employees tonight, managing the fudge shop down the way.  Yeah, I’ll be going back there.  Plenty.

Tomorrow’s Preparations:

are beginning to get set up.

pumpkin pie spices
Daniel likes his mise en place to be just so.

             We split the meal items with Mom.  But they both make pumpkin pies.

(Mise en place detailed description.

4 thoughts on “Continuance and Duration.

  1. My haphazard proofreader (who catches only about every other mistake) says,
    “… and for the record, science doesn’t really say that time is linear…”

  2. There is sort of a classical music corollary that might apply to the message. An amateur musician practices until they get the music right. A professional practices until they can’t get it wrong. And I love the concept that time isn’t linear…it makes a lot of sense.

    Oh super cool!
    I knew you’d have something relating to playing music for us. Thank you.

    11:51 p.m.

  3. Yay! for meeting new people! As for the plastic checkbook holder, there are a lot of kids these days right here who haven’t a clue. It’s all credit cards and prepaids. *shakes head*

    It’s looks like I’ll be baking sourdough today for tomorrow…

    ohgawd how I love it!

    11:52 p.m.

  4. We in our house had great plans to accomplish certain tasks. Then one housemate started one project, which cascaded and I haven’t even started what I’d planned. There is still laundry to be done and jello salad to be made and Solstice presents to start, and I don’t know what else I’d planned at this point. Cranky housemates. Playful cat. Craziness ensues.

    I’ve been cranking the tunes lately and it IS lifting my spirits and making me dance. I used to listen to music all the time, but over the past few years have mostly stopped. It’s nice to start again.

    Music truly makes such a difference!

    11:53 p.m.

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