It’s an hour or so from Sunday, and I’m just now getting around to digging out this post I planned on putting up for Thursday.  Well, at least it happened at all.

             (And of course, everything happens exactly when it’s supposed to.)

             Let’s begin with our channeled message, because it was an interesting one, in terms of dream images.

Unashamedly honest.

             We all have traits, actions, experiences that we’re not super proud of.  Sometimes we are even embarrassed by them.   This message is reminding us that EVERYONE has those.  We are not the only ones.

             To be open and positive (as we know) is in our best interest.  To be closed, shameful, full of fear and negativity gets us no where.  The Universe is not saying to be proud of our less-than-gracious incidents, it’s just reminding us that we’re not alone in having them.

             So leave the shame out of our lives.  Look at this daily draw, it says to be as strong as we can be, not to cower and wring out tail.

Strength  ~  8
Strength ~ 8

             This is one of my favorites, because it is entirely peaceful and filled with hope.  There is nothing here but beauty and power and energy and courage.  It’s about standing up for our convictions; it is the very essence of being brave.

             Which goes nicely with what I channeled.  Be our best true self by glowing with that power from within.  By holding our ground and not backing down.  By never being ashamed or feeling bad for crap that is out of our control or simply behind us now.  We are all flawed, that does not make us weak.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

involves music.  This young woman is from Oregon, although she now lives in NY, I believe (or maybe LA).  And is phenomenally talented.  She was in Han’s studio this week.  You can see her HERE and THIS is her website.  Listen to her songs, and I really do mean listen to them, HERE.

Louise Hay’s Affirmation this week is:

I am at peace with the rhythm and flow of life.


7 thoughts on “Lyrically Empowered.

  1. Some of the stuff you’re channeling these days are some places that I have come to the past few years, and I have also done some other healing work in the past couple of months. Just so you know, damn near everything has had some significance for me, sometimes reaffirming, sometimes confirming, and sometimes suggesting things. Just want to say “thanks”.

    One step I took this week was to skin swim on the clothing optional beach here in Puna. Felt wonderful.

    Ohgawd. How did you know I needed that right now?


    Thank YOU!

    Also? Nicely done. Don’t you wish we could float around all free like that more often?!

    Hope you told “my” islands I said hello and that I miss them.

    10:26 p.m.

  2. Oooh, Ally: nude swimming?! I admit, I would be extremely self-conscious about being nekkid in front of other people (I’m self-conscious about nearly everything), but there’s nothing like the feel of swimming in the nude. I’ve only done it once, when I was 16, in our backyard pool when no one was or would be around, and it was the most glorious feeling. So glad you could do this and enjoyed yourself!

    1. Skye, part of this includes the fact that I am working on reclaiming the beauty of my body; I had a right side mastectomy 7 years ago, and so coming out of the water onto the beach was particularly transforming…

  3. This is an interesting message today. i just wrote a blog post late last night about what I consider HUGE flaws in myself, things I hate. And yeah, the need to fix them and to let go of what caused them.

    Referring back to my comment yesterday about Burning Man: yes, Julie, it’s in September and we do have to pass through Oregon. I, personally, would love to take you and we would have room. I know you wouldn’t be able to contribute toward the gas and RV costs to the same level we would, but maybe we could work in a barter system. Let’s talk about this over email or something. It would be seriously cool to have you along!

    Robin: it IS scary. I think about backing out every week or two. But I can’t. My backing out would make it impossible for the other two to go. We have one really big help: one of us has been before and has a very good idea about what we need in terms of water, clothing, food, etc. We are working on getting to know others in the “burner” community and checking out web sites and forums. We looked at RVs yesterday. We talked a lot about what we could fit where. We have to buy the tickets as soon as they become available. We will need to put down a deposit on an RV (and decide whether to go with a commercial operation or find an RV that a private party is willing to rent out). We need to gather supplies, such as beach bikes — bicycles with wide tires so they won’t sink into the sand. It’s a huge undertaking requiring a certain amount of money (and this makes me sweat as I haven’t found work yet) and a huge amount of commitment. So yes, prayers and sparkly vibes for the lead up would be helpful. And then for the trip and the experience would be exceptionally good. 🙂

    I’ve thought about doing this for years but have always chickened out, feeling afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle it. But with our friend’s experience to inform us, and with two friends as a support net, I think it will be much more of a positive experience than a negative one. Thank you for your thoughts!

    I’ll get over to your site as soon as I can. But yikes, never focus that much on the negative!

    10:28 p.m.

    1. Well, if you’re doing an RV rather than tents and it gets too intense you could always hide inside with the door locked for a break! 🙂 Here’s hoping you won’t need to!

  4. You know how you yell ‘Lovingkindness”? Well, that’s me – “I am at peace with the rhythm and flow of life. Dammit!” Because I am so not!

    The Glass Gallery! We have that back here as well. A couple of years ago my Christmas cheer went for a wee Rooster that just screamed at me when I walked by and a small Dragon that Saver and I admired. Both bought at the end of the season closing sale! That little Rooster sits on the kitchen windowsill above the sink and smiles at me everyday.

    Next time you go to that mall, stop by and tell a worker that you know someone in the Eugene kiosk, we are store number 2500. 😉

    10:29 p.m.

  5. One thing I’ve learned lately is that being ‘unashamedly honest’ doesn’t necessarily mean voicing everything that comes into my head. Discretion and genuine-ness can go hand in hand.

    This is so true.
    But sometimes, also sad.

    10:31 p.m.

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