Not sure how many more of these* getting-home-after 11 o’clock nights there will be.  I feel bad when the post is tardy.   But then I think, “maybe I’m the only one worrying about it” so I let the stress go and replace it with gratitude for my chubby little legs that got me home safely.

*Why, yes.  I do make the schedules and totally could go look.  But that won’t actually tell me what days I’ll end up getting home this late.

             Yesterday’s message came back to me as I was getting up today.  (Nice how that works out.)

Not knowing (why) is part of our journey.

             There are people, places, and activities that we’ve charted for ourselves.  Either as a learning experience (challenge!) or as a respite from all the damn lessons.

             Be it a surprise vacation or a song sent by a friend.  Doesn’t make any difference how it arrives, or even sometimes who it came from, just that our soul was gladdened and uplifted by the enriching incident or adventure.

             On our card altar, here is a double draw that continues along with this same theme.

osho zen tarot, alternative tarot decks

“Completion  ~  XXI  ~  Major Arcana

Whatever has been absorbing  your time and energy is now coming to an end.  In completing it, you will be clearing the space for something new to begin.  Use this interval to celebrate both – the end of the old and the coming of the new.

Moment To Moment  ~  2  ~  Rainbows: The Physical

This card challenges us to move away from our preoccupations with other spaces and other times, and stay alert to what is happening in the here and now.  Life is a great ocean in which you can play if you drop all your judgments, your preferences, and the attachments to the details of your long-term plans.

Be available to what comes your way, as it comes.  And don’t worry if you stumble or fall; just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, have a good laugh, and carry on.”

             I like these two together, and combined with our channeled message, we get a nice reassurance that what we’re doing now is right on track.  We’re being reminded to be mindfully aware of where we are, but also to have faith that where we’re going is the very best, too.

             And, that it’s all falling in to place as it should be.  Or, at least as we mapped it out to learn the most.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

is slightly less than the last ride, but by a negligible amount, it’s still only 4.317 miles, in a pathetically slow average pace of 7.9 MPH (being 29 degrees outside is killing my numbers), in 32 minutes and 36 seconds pedaling time.

Yesterday I learned:

  • mall bathrooms are locked promptly at closing time
  • a flat tire will sneak up on you
  • the last bus out of the mall isn’t really the LAST last bus

3 thoughts on “Here and Now, and then and later.

  1. Brr. You are brave and committed. I do plan on going for a walk today, but I don’t have any plans to walk OR bike at 11 pm. In any weather.

    Great messages, but I have a question. You always talk about how our higher selves have planned out our lives and lessons beforehand. But what about the awful things that can happen to a person? Rape, childhood sexual abuse, any abuse, torture, etc. Are these part of the pre-chosen lessons, or are they just what I consider being unfortunate enough to be the target of someone else’s evil? What’s your opinion?

    Sorry about the flat tire and the bathrooms. Do you work 40 hours a week or what? How many folks work for you. What exactly does your booth/store do?

    I’m going with two friends to look at RVs today (I hope) because we plan to go to Burning Man this year (I think I had a psychotic break when I agreed to this) and want to check out how we’ll fit, how easy they will be to drive. Pray for me.

    Your first question has been addressed in previous posts, but I think it’s time to talk about it again. Thanks for asking this. I’ll work on getting the answers (as I know them) together cohesively.

    Isn’t Burning Man in September? Near my birthday? Wanna stop by and pick me up on your way through Eugene? 😛

    As to how many hours I work each week, that depends. There is no set amount of time. Also, not all of it is at the mall, some of it happens at home. More than 30, less than 50?
    I’ve hired six people. The kiosk sells collectibles and decorative mirrors, it’s the same place from 3 years ago. And the 6 years before that.
    The Glass Gallery

    10:56 p.m.

    1. Burning Man? BURNING MAN!!?? OMG. Every time I read about it I think, “This could be an awesome experience or a total nightmare.” So I’m excited and worried for you (I’m kind of a worry wort sometimes). I know the website has everything spelled out, so you should be well prepared. And you’re getting started early enough. You should cruise the blogs regularly to get into the mind set. I think instead of prayers you should ask for sparkly vibes to fill the trip with energy and creativity. Oooo, no, also prayers. For stamina. You won’t be getting a whole lot of sleep! 🙂 And take a shit load of pictures so the rest of us can live vicariously through you! 🙂 (I might be having a wee bit of trip envy here…)

      “This could be an awesome experience or a total nightmare.”

      That’s exactly what pops into my head too!

      10:58 p.m.

  2. Julie, Julie, Julie. We DO NOT CARE if the post is late! You are definitely beating yourself up for nothing. Maybe you should consider posting early, before work, if it really bothers you. I, personally, couldn’t imagine coming home that late after riding in the cold and then having to face putting up a blog post (aren’t you tired??). Screw late. I’m amazed you’re posting at all on these nights.

    I could really use some space clearing.

    Did you miss the part where I said that I then move past the worry and let the concern go? 😉

    Yes, I am tired. But that’s really only the middle of my day. There is no BEFORE the mall time, I get up, have breakfast with Dan (usually before 2 but after 1), get ready and leave. (He starts his shift at 5 p.m. but has to begin dressing and getting shit together almost an hour prior.)
    Because of where our waking-up and going-to-bed times are, this isn’t the end of the night for us.

    Today I only had to get a few things done, like payroll and office supplies. I never schedule myself any counter time on Saturdays because of this. So I got to leave the house when Daniel did, and was home before 9:30.

    11:08 p.m.

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