Well.  That was interesting.  Just got home.  It’s going on 11:30.  The temperature is 2 degrees below freezing   My water bottle was nearly solid when I pulled into the garage just now.

             I had a really cool thing to share, but I don’t have time.  Maybe tomorrow.  Hopefully tomorrow!

             What we have instead is simply our daily draw.  Because.  That’s what we get.  (I have scribbled notes about the channeled message, but I can’t figure any of it out right now.  All I can focus on is thawing out.)

goddess messages, oracle cards, beauty

“Goddess of Beauty  ~

You are a wondrous being of light;

there is nothing to change or fix.

You are a wondrously beautiful being of light, yet you cannot see it because you are comparing yourself to others instead of looking honestly and lovingly at yourself.

Meditate upon the image on this card and allow your light and natural beauty to shine through.  You are beautiful just as you are.  There is nothing to change or fix; just love and accept yourself as you are.

As you honour the beautiful person that you are, others will feel the light and warmth radiating from you.  As a result, you will attract wonderful and generous people into you life that will love and appreciate you for all you truly are.

Just be yourself – that is where you beauty lies!”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

will only represent the miles I pedaled, not the ones I traveled.  Because I took the bus for three quarters of the trip.  My ride home from downtown was only 4.477 miles, but it was a cold and slow journey averaging only 7.8 MPH, in 34 minutes 22 seconds.

This Week’s Forgotten Event:

was my parents wedding anniversary.   It was yesterday, the 20th.  They have now been married for 53 years.  I spoke to both of them.  They are ridiculous  and I wouldn’t trade either one.

4 thoughts on “Being Our Beautiful Selves.

  1. Looks like we picked a good time to be gone. Thought of you some yesterday while we were snorkeling.

    It was probably while I was dreaming of you two. I saw the volcano while I was sleeping, it was amazingly gorgeous, hope it was as nice in person. 🙂

    12:46 a.m.

  2. Ally: snorkeling? Okay, what warm place are you in while some of us are freezing? Grumble, grumble, grumble, retired folks, grumble grumble. 😀

    I like the card’s message, but I am SO not meditating on that card. Really, it kinda freaks me out. Would NOT assist me in my meditation — any meditation — in the slightest.

    Belated happy anniversary to your folks! Thank them for me for producing you, okay?

    I will do better than thanking them, I’ll show them this comment. It will make them supremely happy.

    12:47 a.m.

  3. Poor you! All that cold! I could never do what you do ’cause I would be dead in a hurry (baaaaad circulation). I’m getting cold just thinking about you out there! Have you ever tried electric socks or gloves? They might be a good investment for you since you’re working.

    I’m with Skye on the card. Some of the artwork in that deck is just, um, strange.

    My circulation isn’t bad, just slow. Which, in weather like this, is kind of a good thing.

    12:48 a.m.

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