In yesterday’s post I mentioned that one of the ways I’ve been info-gathering was with some new angel meditations.  They are varied, and a couple come from places that I can’t locate again.

             Just recently I finished reading this book.  In it she has a suggestion for relieving grief.  But it’s also a nice way to get rid of all sorts extra baggage we don’t need to be carrying any more.  I’ve tweaked it to suit our needs.

             Begin as you would with any meditation, Quick Quiet Moment, or relaxed prayer/intention/mind dart session.  In a comfortable place, taking deep cleansing breaths.  Be sure to stay grounded and erect some sort of protection, whatever is easiest for you.

             Visualize a suitcase at your feet (a large one), now open it and see that it’s empty.  Gather all of your grief, worry, negativity, fear, and useless fretful concern.  Load it all in to the suitcase.  Close it up.  (It’ll fit.)  Set this onto a conveyor belt, watching it go away from you, turning a corner, and disappearing.

             Now, turn around, and see the suitcase coming back into view.  It has become filled with joy, health, happiness, faith, and radiantly beautiful loving light.  Unpack this and keep these gifts for yourself, but also sharing them around as you see fit.

             Let me know in the comments how this works out for you.  Or e-mail me privately if you think that’s a better way to go.  I’ve done it twice now, and I really like the imagery.

             Waking up today I recalled several dreams that were quite vivid and perfectly clear.  I also had a super strange flash-back.  Remember the show “Medium” with Patricia Arquette?  We watched it for a while, but were very unhappy with some of the story-lines and the final episode.  When it originally aired though, it was done so nicely.  It was fresh and uplifting.

             Well, at the time, Dan and I discussed what a freaking pain in the ass it would be to wake up constantly like she did, with all of that information just crowding to get out.  Not to mention her poor husband.  Right.  Um.  I’m kinda doing that now.

             Support the choices and decisions of our loved ones……

…… because even though our paths do cross, intersect, and run parallel to theirs, ultimately, theirs are theirs and ours are ours.

             Let me just say, as an eldest sibling and a parent, this is damn difficult to do. However, when we receive messages like this, we now know that it’s for a hugely important reason.  So, we need to be the river, and just go with it.

             On our card altar, we’ve returned to the regular rotation, with this excellent messenger bringing us über strong approval and validation.

oracle cards, well watcher, divine power

“The Well Watcher  ~  7  ~

wisdom, power of the Divine

The Well Watcher signals the need to go within to contemplate the true source of power in the world – which, he reminds you, it is that of the Divine.  This is a message to  let you know that you’re being called to the Well, and this unseen power will be there and will be yours to align with.

This affirmation and prayer will invite the Divine to bring miracles and resolution to your life:

‘thy will be done through me for the highest good of all and for the true manifestation of my purpose.’

You will know the way forward by the still, small voice within.  The Divine also may answer your call by sending others to help guide you.”

             Isn’t this a bit reminiscent of other validations we’ve been given lately?  Nice, that’s just always so nice to hear and see.

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron Reid

Today’s Mileage:

was literally a freezing cold ride, and it was miserably slow and uncomfortable, for all 3.898 miles, in all of the 30 minutes 4 seconds, of the pathetically glacial pace of 7.7 MPH.  Tomorrow won’t be any better, I’m sure.  (Although, I am truly hoping it’s not this bad.)

Today’s Sharing:

is this view of the Grand Dog.

dressed up dogs, layering for cold weather
He’s wearing layers, because of how cold it is outside.

             Empress and Maxx were on their way out the door.  He’s ready for a sleep-over with his girl, and a shift at the mall tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Holding Up and Moving On.

  1. Um… my suitcase turned out to have a false bottom that led to a happy place and when closed would fill up the suitcase with flowers. So I pulled a garment bag out of a pocket (because who ever really uses garment bags!?) and started stuffing things in it (it was bottomless like Mary Poppins’ bag) even cars and people (tied up in bows). THEN I read the rest of the meditation and threw that useless garment bag on a conveyor and took my flower filled suitcase with me. 🙂

    1. Kat?! Where the hell have you been, girl? We’ve been wondering about you and you disappeared off the face of the earth! It is SO good to see you! Are you doing well?

  2. First off, I hear you about FREEZING. Literally. it was 34 when I went to therapy yesterday. It was 28 when I got up (at 10 am) this morning. I came home yesterday and said to my female housemate “Yes, thank you, I would like that down coat please.” Because the long wool coat and wool jacket I have will not always cut it. You are either brave and dedicated, or a complete lunatic, to be riding your bike in this weather. Especially at night. Just sayin’. Stay safe, please, because you are important to so very many people.

    I love the imagery you gave us about the suitcase. I’ll try that later when I have time. Of course, I also have some exploring I can do before I can put everything into the suitcase.

    Good card. I can go with this one, too.

    I was very safe. And ended up riding the bus more than I pedaled.

    Well done, with your gracious acceptance of the gift coat.

    11:46 p.m.

  3. Oooooo, we loved “Medium”. But towards the end…well. One of the ‘things’ that was annoying for us was the fact that they never moved that damn phone to her side of the bed. I mean, seriously. And she never learned to quit jumping to conclusions. It was like she was stuck in one spot. Oh, well. I am sooooo sorry you are having those constant wake up nights. They totally screw with good sleep. {{{HUGS}}}

    “This is a message to let you know that you’re being called to the Well,” I found that interesting. There is a place at Saver’s college they call ‘The Well’ and it is a place where they hold non-denominational meetings. People wander in and out as needed. There is prayer and music and she says it’s very low key but also very refreshing. I now wonder how it came to be called ‘The Well’.

    I’ll second Skye in the ‘stay safe’ department. Riding at night is tough on a good day. In bad weather? Yikes. Take care!

    It gets dark so early, for half the year, that now I’m pretty used to night riding. I have lots of lights. Right now, it’s mostly about the freezing temps and the being so tired after working and THEN having to ride home.

    12:03 a.m.

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