The other day (in the comments)  Barb and Skye mentioned this line from a previous post: we cannot live with fear and faith at the same time.  And asked me to look in to it further   So I did.

             Along with some other research, I’ve also been doing a few new angel meditations.   What I heard was that when we give in to the fear, the concern and worry, we take our focus off of the faith.  Like we only have a finite amount of energy to go those directions.

             These two aspects contradict each other, they are opposing forces.  (Also, fear is simply a huge time-waster.)  We transfer energy with every interaction we have, be it happy or horrible.  Negative feelings like fear, anger, hatred, jealousy will just create a circumstance just as quickly as if we put a positive feeling of love, joy, excitement, or serenity behind our intentions.

             What we think matters, so when we have a concentrated amount of fear or negativity on our minds, it is simply what we continue to create.  When we open our fists and let that drop out through our fingers, release the expectations, and allow our faith to be more prominent, we are lifted up and away from the (negative) lower feelings.

             The message I woke up with this earlier is another view of this same idea:

dreaming time is part of our healing process.

             We are relaxed and no longer connected consciously with our daily fears/concerns when we sleep.   This gives our brains a rest as well as our bodies.  If we fill our head with loving and positive affirmations, images, intentions before we doze off, we’ve just added some bonus health to our over-all life.

             In returning to our regular rotation around the card altar today, this messenger showed up to bring us additional validation and expand on our topic.  (Seriously, I love how that happens.)

animal messages, oracle cards, lion

“Lion  ~

Banish loneliness by reaching out to special friends.

Tawny monarch of the Savannah, Lion does not waste her days in needless physical exertion, but conserves energy by sleeping, resting, and companionably lounging.  Working long, exhausting hours for the money to purchase prestige goods leaves little time for the pleasures of friendship.   Loneliness is spirit-diminishing, designer clothes make poor companions.

 Lion has padded into your cards to remind you how vital friends and neighbors really are.  Reach out to those around you and be open to others.”

             This also pertains to yesterday’s channeled message as well.  Who to turn to when we are in need?  And when do we reach out?  Should we rest first?  And try to figure out our best course of action?  Or is this a good time to share our worries with loved ones and friends?

             All of these questions, like so many choices in our lives, can be answered in an easy way.  Taking each, singly and calmly, one at a time.  The simpler the better.  Do we reply with fear, or do we reply with faith?

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

FLP Report:

one Minnesota, or possibly two.  Plus what Daniel shouted out, Arizona and Colorado.

3 thoughts on “Contributing vs Opposing Forces.

  1. Good timing on Lion for me. It validates what I just did: I sent an email out to friends noting that I need some support for today and the next few days. A couple of years ago, i couldn’t have done this at all. Now it’s becoming so much easier. And I feel good for doing it. Plus, it serves as a safety net.

    Faith is a hard one for me. As a child, I was full of faith. I was one of those “believin’ children”, but it was tainted a bit with having been victimized from a very young age. So I knew fear and that I wasn’t truly safe when I was too young for that knowledge. But I still had faith in the rightness of the world, the triumph of Good over Evil, and that my life would give me a wonderful man for a husband plus a handful of children.

    So, yes, faith is a hard one for me and fear was ingrained into my neural pathways since I was two. (Probably why I’ve needed therapy for so many years.) It’s like an archeological dig inside my head! But I have hope, which can carry one through fear, hopefully to faith.

    Holding on to Hope is like being on the porch of Faith, you’re getting so close, almost all the way inside!

    11:37 p.m.

  2. Reaching out is difficult for me, but I’ve definitely had a few moments recently where I needed someone and they were there. It’s an incredible feeling, and one I should remember next time.

    Hope work is going well! 🙂

    Thanks, work went very well tonight!
    We are making a shitload of mistakes with this new tablet-instead-of-cash register system, but I’m the most casual boss on the planet, so no one is too stressed over it.

    (Of course, when St Louis gets a look at all of these disasters, SOMEone might be bothered.)

    11:39 p.m.

  3. Be careful what you wish for -or- watch how you word things…. 🙂

    I asked that we be safe on our drive to my son’s big Eagle Scout do in the Big City and that my son be okay tonight.

    Which, technically, came true. But I sure could have done without getting rear-ended with him in the car. It’s a whole ‘nother ball game when you have your kid in the car with you. Yikes. We’re both okay. Well, with my back the way it is, I’ll know more tomorrow. But he’s good and, thank heavens, so is the kid who hit us (his car was killed, though). But sheesh. Just sayin’. 🙂

    So glad you guys are all okay!
    Remember, be specific.

    11:41 p.m.

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