So.  So.  So.  Tired.  Long first day back to the mall.  My feet are killing me. And I still have a full night of my work and laundry to look forward to.  Dan says the dryer is fixed.  This makes me supremely happy.

             I woke up about five times before the alarm went off.  Each waking event was accompanied by the very same message.  But then, as I was trying to get out the door, not forget anything, take the card’s picture, and record what I’d heard, it changed on me!

When you need them the most,

turn to those you trust the deepest

turn to those you know the best.

             I’d explain that if I knew what it meant, or why we had to see both bits.  But I don’t know.  So I can’t.  And really?   I’m so fucking tired right now I don’t actually care.

             We’ve gone outside of our regular rotation around the card altar again.  Which is fine, because the entire feel of this one is uplifting.

angels messages, oracle cards

“Angel of the Universe  ~

You are being encouraged to expand your thinking.

By choosing this card you are being guided by your angels to look at your life and work from a broader, more universal perspective.

The angels congratulate you for all you have done to date to serve and help humanity and those around you.  Yet it is time to move on to the next level.  Trust your angels and the universe for they will guide  you.  There is no need for anxiety or fear.   You are simply being encouraged to think a little bigger.

Start to imagine yourself and your work reaching and touching larger numbers of people without losing any of the integrity of what you do.  Imagine all this happening with ease and only in ways that will make you feel comfortable.  It takes no more effort to think big than to think small.  There’s no need to do anything radical at this time.  

Remember, to a large degree, we create our reality by what we think about, dream about, and imagine.  Simply think a little bigger and ask the Angel of the Universe to guide you.”

             Last night, as I was sitting quietly, mentally preparing my pre-worried self elf for the big mall adventure, this was the exact same message I heard.  Cool.  Validation is always welcome.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Fun Mall Moment:

was when I went two booths down, and visited my neighbor.

vivan gifts and jewelry
I was instructed to photograph this side, she says it’s the prettiest.
(But I am totally going to get more views. ALL sides are beautiful.)

             It was super great to check in with Anita, and get plenty of incense.  I’ll be taking more pictures and sharing more from there (and my own place), I’m sure.

A note, from me to my new kiosk team:

you guys are all amazingly awesome and fabulously terrific.  We’re going to have SUCH a great season!

4 thoughts on “Go Big or Go to the Mall.

  1. Sometimes we make it harder on ourselves by the pre-work jitters…DAMHIK. I do like to ponder the difference between trust and know… And a really interesting card message to ponder as well.

  2. Trust, again. *shakes head sadly* “I’m working on it!” she shouted to the Universe.


    Glad you have a great team and that your first long day of work went well. I completely understand how exhausting it is to have to go to work and do a job after a long time of not doing so.

  3. Yet it is time to move on to the next level. This and your message caught me most strongly tonight. Partly because are the people that I know the best also those that I trust the deepest? I don’t know. I just wish I could figure out the best next move. And yes, I know. Meditate and trust, and the Universe will send me some guidance. Bah humbug on being patient right now.

  4. Your neighbor’s kiosk looks wonderful! I wish I could be there to look at everything in person.

    So glad your day went so well at work. I, too, wake up multiple times or just flat out don’t sleep when I know I -have- to get up to be somewhere and not forget anything. Hopefully you slept well this night.

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