The gradual changes (and improvements?) that I’ve made over the past few years don’t seem like much while I’m in the middle of them.  But looking back, some are damn impressive!

             Sure, becoming a non-smoker after so long was fairly major, but it was so simple (yay Allen Carr!).  Learning that our lives (and food) are not numbers was also big.  And not difficult once my smooth brain grasped the concept.

             The one thing that’s made the most difference recently though, is how I begin my day.  That stretchy slow movement at the window, taking in my view, the gentle easing into every new day, with a positive and loving outlook.  Now THAT feels like a step forward.

             And then we have our messages.  Which ya know, don’t have anything to do with me at all.  Remember, I’m just the radio.

Regret, guilt, and shame are complete time-wasters,

instead, change focus to breathing deeply, living fully,

experiencing joy, love, and freedom.

             The graphic and sad images that accompanied this one were terrible.  Thankfully there were also beautifully hopeful and compassionate views as well.

             On our card altar we’ve returned to the regular rotation, and wow, is this draw ever a gift.

oracle cards, wisdom messages

“Awakening Ancient Wisdom  ~

Deep inner knowing is emerging within me.

Card meaning:

The wisdom of the ages dwells within you.  It is arising now.  The chalice of wisdom is being offered to you.  Pay attention to the coincidences, signs, and synchronicities around you.  Profound enlightenment is growing within you, even if you are not aware of it.

The Universe wants you to know:

The wisdom of your ancestors, your predecessors, and all of history exists deep within you.  An inner portal is opening as this sacred information pours into your consciousness.

You have always possessed innate knowledge, but at this juncture, simply by being still, you are able to access it with even greater perception.  You are a wise being, and  your wisdom is very supportive and helpful to others.

Questions to ask yourself:

To understand a dream, sign, or synchronistic event, ask yourself:

If this symbolized a message from the Ancients, what would it be?  How can I access even more wisdom within myself?  How can the wisdom of the past help my present and my future?


Deep inner knowing is emerging within me.”

             I know I say this EVERY time we get to this stack, but shit, I just really love everything about it!   (Why isn’t the authour my BFF?!)

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Mileage:

is in the form of a dog walk, HERE’S THE MAP.  (I know that a ton of biking miles are in my very near future, so we opted for pedestrian movement this afternoon, with Maxx.)

Today’s Sharing:

from the above-mentioned wander.  In our neighborhood.

urban wild turkeys
Three turkeys.
On someone’s roof.

             Their population seems to be growing.  They don’t have enough natural predators.   We need to harvest a few of them and have a free feast for anyone who is hungry.  This is the perfect time of  year!

7 thoughts on “Knowledge and Advancement.

  1. (((HUGS))) for not-fun dreams. 😦

    My first impression of the card was ‘Ace of Cups!’ (Duh). Good reminder of the reading you did for me, oh so long ago. And this one has a beautiful description, too! (And Denise Linn is your BFF, just one you haven’t met in this lifetime, yet).

    You are right, and now I can’t wait to meet her! (Again.)

    10:55 p.m.

    (I totally thought of you yesterday, on eleven twelve thirteen!)

    1. 🙂 on 11/11 I saw 11:22, 11:33, and 11:44. (Of course spending a great majority of my day in front of a computer with the time in the bottom corner facilitates these things greatly, and then there are the various codes with which we identify clients, jobs, and bids, which ALL consist of numbers, and the quotes, which obviously have more numbers! I am gifted with patterns & repetitions constantly! 🙂 )

  2. Wonderful message!

    I have always figured, given the severe overpopulation of Canadian geese in the Seattle area, that excess large birds should be culled and provided as food for the needy folks. Time to feed people some wild turkey!

      1. YES! And YES! again! 🙂

        We have solved the hunger issue!
        Geese, deer, and turkey. All free.
        Now just add in one of those urban orchards and community gardens.

        10:56 p.m.

  3. I’m still not rocking the whole ‘gratitude in the morning’ thing. I don’t start ‘thinking’ until I’m sitting here with food, TEA, and the computer. I was thinking a post-it at first, but I put a post-it next to my toothbrush to remind me to get my fish out of the cupboard (small tanks, a cat with an addiction to fish water, long story…) and it hasn’t worked too well. I’m just not ‘seeing’ it. (Scooting to retrieve fish from china cabinet…)

    Hmmm, I always open my curtains in the morning. (The neighbors had a street light installed at the end of their driveway some years back. Guess whose bedroom window it shines into?) Maybe attaching something to the cord would help. Yeah, I’m muddling around here in my brain as I type.

    And as a side note: We have just had our first snow. In the 30’s by day, 20’s by night the past two days. I’m looking at icicles in my kitchen window. And the weather man says it will reach 60 degrees by the weekend. *just shakes head*

    That’s the beauty of it,
    no thinking required.

    Just stand. Move a bit, look in the mirror/look outside, express gratitude and love, step forward into positivity.

    It absolutely makes a HUGE difference.

    10:57 p.m.

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