Our message today is that……… I don’t always get a message.   Sometimes we are instructed to focus on our card.  Just the card.  Nothing but the card.

             My (not very restful) sleep was permeated by concerns that I’d be late to an interview (again).  So maybe that’s why, or maybe it’s just a lesson we needed to learn.  (And, as always, by “we” you all know that I usually mean ME!)

             So fine.  Let’s look at this card.  Let’s see what it has to say.  Oh hey, what a NOT surprise.  It’s one that I’ve never really felt comfortable with.   Never really connected to on a deep level.  Ah ha, Universe.  I see what you did there.

The Star  ~  17
The Star ~ 17

             Major Arcana, the big time, professional as opposed to amateur ranking in the world of Tarot.   Shall we look at the basics first, on this in-depth journey?   We know that she is about balance, and hope.  She’s also telling us the story of Faith.  A tale of blending.

             Her message is of keeping one foot on the ground (material, physical affairs) and one in the water (emotional, spiritual business).  She pours with the Waters of Life.  Ever flowing, ever cycling, ever refreshing.

             Much like the ideas and concepts that we’ve been handed here recently.  Renewal, rebirth, revitalization.  And, better yet, a restorative dose of clarity.  She foretells of prosperity and promise.

             According to Avia, it is as if “she is in an oasis of creative inspiration that serves as a place of healing and renewal.”  Which kind of brings us full circle, back to our Self-Care awareness, back to our continuing drive towards, and  appreciation of, lovingkindness.

             The number of 17 is added down to 8, Infinity on its side.  Echoing the constant state of plenty, everlasting, always replenished.  With a never-ending supply of whatever we are in need of, but mostly, of the simple and essential: love.  For and of ourselves, others, and all of Nature.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

was downtown and back, 8.590 miles, in 51 minutes 86 seconds, with an average pace of 10 MPH, to continue with hiring and run one personal errand (library, duh).

Biking Numbers:

are in.  October was 111.634 total, way down from the month before.  But I would be willing to bet, once I start my mall work, November will make up for that.  Year to date is staggering, even for me.  It does not even seem possible. Ready?  (I wasn’t.)

One thousand, three hundred, fortyone point two seven/ 1,341. 27

8 thoughts on “Abundant Assurance.

  1. That is a lot of biking miles! Very interesting card, too. She brings a good message. I am wondering if you find yourself connecting to her better as you’re traveling on your journey.

    As usual, you are correct. This time, looking at the card, typing the words that just flew out of my fingers, she was definitely someone I knew better.

    10:58 p.m.

  2. Beautiful in-depth look at The Star! Very inspiring & uplifting!

    And even though your Oct mileage was down, it contains 111, my favorite-est of favorite numbers, so that makes it OK 😉

    I loved that the number was that, too.
    I’ve been getting this lately.



    11:01 p.m.

    1. Very nice! 444 is my second favorite among the sets of 3. According to Doreen it is the Archangels signalling that they’re with you (which, of course, we know they always are, but I love the reminders!) ❤

  3. It’s not a contest! It’s okay for your miles to be down. Look at that year to date total! Now think back a couple of years when you struggled to get out of the house at all. YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!

    Oh I know, I wasn’t complaining. Merely stating facts.

    11:06 p.m.

  4. What Robin said!!!

    I like the Star. I always like when she comes up in my cards.

    This weekend, my housemates and I and almost 2 dozen other people are a team in the 48-hour Film Project. It’s the first of the genre test series (the summer event is multi-genre) and Seattle got Horror (yay!). Tonight we write the story after being given the specifics from the organizers, tomorrow we film, and on Sunday the post-production team adds sound and visual effects and edits. We get to watch all the finished films on Tuesday night. I am really excited!

    After Tuesday, the films will be posted on the web site and probably on YouTube, so I’ll be able to provide a link so you all can see what we did!

    I’ll have to ask Hanna about this!

    11:09 p.m.

  5. FYI, Betty Fokker could use some good thoughts and well wishes. Her mommy is sick.

    Thanks for sharing this,
    we all love our Fokker.

    11:10 p.m.

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