Today I’m going to begin with a quote from Sarah.  She is talking about the recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, and what it means when we go through something like this.  (Full post HERE.)

“Many have found the recent times incredibly intense and the future seems to hold no respite. But this eclipse reminds us that respite exists right here in this moment, the minute we let go, breathe out and surrender our fear in favour of a deeper knowing that the path of wisdom entails walking through some fairly challenging and scary terrain. But in this knowing we can be clear that all will be well if we do so with presence and awareness, not allowing ourselves to be thrown by the power of our emotions or the imposing nature of our personal shadowlands.”

             This is a wonderful summation of what we’ve been seeing in our own messages.  Thematic?  You bet.  Universally and globally impactful?  Absolutely.  So much so that it’s exactly what I woke up with this afternoon.  In essence we’re being told that we are……

reaching and helping far more than imaginable.

             Because, as we continue our journey, with Self-Care and lovingkindness   forefront as our goals, we have no clue how many souls we’re connecting with, how many hearts we are touching.  But we KNOW it’s for everyone’s highest good.

             Even on our card altar, this daily draw is echoing yesterday’s affirmation and validating the entire concept.

angel messages, oracle cards, clearing messages

“Angel of Clearing  ~

Your time of waiting and confusion will soon be over.

The Angel of Clearing is at work right now clearing  your auric field.  This will pave the way for a time of renewed clarity, focus, and purpose in your life.  

Over the coming days you will feel the effects of this clearing as all areas of your life are brought into balance and harmony.  Give thanks to your angel for this gift and know that you deserve all the blessings coming your way.

Know also that the period of doubt, frustration, and confusion you have experienced in recent months was a necessary part of your growth, and in its own way also a blessing, as just as Nature has her changing seasons, so too does your life, which is governed by the same laws and moves in constant cycles in accordance with the Divine Will of the great Creator. 

Life constantly carries us within its ebb and flow; towards the horizon, across the great ocean of life, then back to rest upon the shores of our own individuality.”

             That last line?  Exactly the reason we put up with these less than inspiring illustrations, the words are profound, dynamic, and always precisely what we need to hear.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was to get my teeth cleaned (yipee!), and then home again, for 5.472 miles, in 33 minutes 6 seconds, with the same average pace as yesterday of 9.9 MPH.

Tonight’s Kitchen Adventure:

is happening while I type this post, The Deputy is making us a new batch of granola.  I can already smell it.  We were food gathering earlier and I came to the conclusion that it’s no longer possible for me to eat the store-bought kind.  I’m a spoiled brat.  And I know it.

FLP Report:

were several that we couldn’t quite see well enough to declare completely.   One was probably a Dakota.

4 thoughts on “Awakening In Truth.

  1. Being spoiled for good, healthy food doesn’t sound bad to me at all! Now that my soup leftovers are gone, I’m feel rather bereft.

    Really looking forward to the time of waiting and confusion to pass. Really.

    You’re just gonna have to make something new!
    (Might I suggest cheese-y biscuits? With basil…..)

    10:37 p.m.

  2. Me and my weather related sinus headache ditto the above. (pick a temperature, please just pick a temperature…)

    I know! Same here, had to break in to the “good” meds yesterday.
    (By which I mean the REAL Sudafeds that we get in Washington.)

    Today it’s in the mid/high 50s. WTF?!

    10:38 p.m.

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