As I’ve become more aware of these message dreams I’m being given, they have already started to change.  “Mornings” just aren’t what they used to be for me.  And wow, is that ever a good thing.

             Starting a day was always such a burden, so very much work to simply leave the bed, and then leave the room.  Now, sure it’s still hard to wake up, but it feels easier to leave the room.

             What I woke up with today has layers to it.  What I’m going to share at the end, and our daily draw, all add in to make it even more complex and enriching.

Gather tools for rebuilding.

             I saw such beautiful types of ways for us all to heal and love and build our lives with goodness.  And then, the card we were shown, while not one of my favorites in this stack, is not a bad illustration for this entire concept.

sisters of the seasons, oracle cards

   “Sisters of the Seasons  ~  17  ~

cycles of growth, natural law, Divine order

When the Sisters of the Seasons meet  you on your path, they remind you that everything has a natural rhythm that obeys a higher law.  Just as the seasons magically pass, be reminded that the nature of birth, growth, harvest, and decay cannot be altered.  

So if you keep on your path with determination and discernment, allowing for the natural course of events to unfold, success is assured.

Divine appropriate timing is guiding your desires into perfect manifest form.  This is a very good period to start new things, as you’ve moved out of winter into the beginning of spring.  Continue with patience, and be aware of the rhythms of our opportunities.  There will be periods when things slow down and begin anew, move into fruition, and then slow down again in a never-ending natural flow.

Be mindful of which Sister greets you, for she points directly at the next.  Every moment counts now.”

             Even though this talks about going in to Spring, I think it really still applies to us (and continued/renewed inner work), here in our first few weeks of Fall.  Because, as the definition reminds us, one follows the next, no matter where we start or end.

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is another calendar page, this one from Louise Hay.

louise hay calendar, inner home, where our heart lives
“My inner home and my outer home are places of beauty and tranquility.”

              With this affirmation down the side:

“My heart is my home.

I am at home in my own heart.  I take my heart with me wherever I live.

As I begin to love myself  I find myself providing a safe and comfortable home for myself.  I begin to feel at home in my own body.

My home is a reflection of my mind and what I feel I am worthy of.  If my home is a disaster zone and I feel overwhelmed, then I begin cleaning in one corner of one of my rooms.  Just like with my mind: I begin with changing one thought at a time.  Eventually, the entire place will be tidy.

As I work, I remind myself that I am also clearing the rooms of my mind.”

             All I can say, for me personally, is: yikes!

4 thoughts on “Path Patterning.

  1. Another ‘Clean All The Things’ message? Or is it just me? I’m feeling like there’s a theme going here. (Of course, you know how I feel about cleaning…)

    Believe me, I know……

    11:14 p.m.

  2. I did my deep housecleaning last week. My back is still killing me. I do that in-depth stuff when I have a trip coming up because I want to return home to tidy, organized home. Weird huh? : )

    Nothing weird about that at all.

    11:15 p.m.

  3. Beauty and tranquility, huh? More walk in beauty advice, too, I think. Gather tools for rebuilding… Also sounds pretty good, from both inner and outer worlds perspective. Much to ponder.

    Seriously, any job is so very much easier when we have the proper tools.

    11:16 p.m.

  4. The “my heart is my home” concept is one I very much need to internalize: I’ve spent so much of my life not feeling rooted and “at home” and, since Mom’s death, have felt even more rootless and homeless than ever. Making my home be wherever I am is important for me.

    You and your borrowed room totally came to mind when I saw this one. You can make it your perfect home for now!

    11:17 p.m.

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