How did everyone’s Falling Back turn out?  I hope you all got your extra hour of sleeping time in.  We sure enjoyed ours.  Well, ya know, mostly I did.  Maxx’s clock didn’t quite roll back quite as smoothly.

             The dream which brought our message today was long and detailed, and I very much credit it to knowing, in the back of my mind, that there would be plenty of rest (with no rushing or stress) in my “morning” time.  (It was also one of the most gorgeously lit and colored.)

Comfortingly confused.

             This makes more sense than it seems when first looked at.  There’s been a wee bit of concern/a nagging question tucked away and off to the side, around these Speaking Our Truth Clearly recommendations during a retrograde phase.  Especially one involving Mercury (planet of communication).

             So when I heard this earlier, I knew why and how and what for.  Let’s look at our daily draw and see the way it all falls in to place.

animal messages, oracle cards

“Sloth  ~

Consider the smallness of  your needs and treasure what you possess.

Humankind gave Sloth this name, seeing in the apparent stillness of her neo-tropical rainforest life mere laziness, but Sloth is virtue incarnate: a perfectly balanced ecosystem.  Impregnable to predators, surrounded by nourishment, and bathed by the sun, Sloth is proof to those much stronger and more active that she wants for nothing and wastes nothing.  

She counsels that you treasure that which surrounds you.  Squander neither love nor material things, even if they are no longer new.  Then, like Sloth, relax in true prosperity.”

             One of my favorite creatures, the Sloth.  And when we receive words of wisdom from her it’s always so soothing.   Pair this with our cautionary warning of muddled gentleness, and we’ve been given the gift of ease.  Of  blessed imperfection.

             Yes, speak our truth.   Yes, stand our ground.  Yes, release the stress.  But also yes, don’t be overly concerned if some of it comes out a little fuzzy.  In the end, we are surrounded by exactly what we need.  When we need it.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Our Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Mileage:

was not where I thought I would go this afternoon, but it’s where I pedaled, for 5.341 miles, in 32 minutes 21 seconds, with an average pace of 9.9 MPH.

FLP Report:

includes another New York that was not someone I know or love, Iowa, Arkansas, and Illinois.  All of which I spotted in one parking lot, when I ended up running two errands when my card reading got canceled.

Overwhelming Gratitude:

to all of you who Subscribe and Donate and remember that I have Gift Certificates available.

5 thoughts on “Amassing our Assemblage.

  1. My falling back was uneventful which was nice. I have been treasuring the things around me lately. Redoing my plants. Catching some sun outside while we seem to be in a no-chemical dumping, still warm enough to be outside phase.
    I need to take in that it is okay if my message comes out a little fuzzy. It has lately. And that’s okay.

    Uneventful and outside? Yay!

    10:44 p.m.

  2. Nice validation for taking your time and being happy with what you’ve got. Now to apply that.

    Our fall back was uneventful as well, and most of the house clocks have been restored to proper time. I think my truck’s clock and the clock in the practice room are all that are left.

    I’m not sure we’ve ever re-set a car clock……

    10:45 p.m.

  3. I have to change my watches and my car clock, but I’m so glad the phone and wifi update automatically. I enjoyed sleeping an extra hour yesterday and getting up an extra hour “early” today.

    I’m finding myself staying quiet more, rather than chattering. On the one hand, it’s safer: I don’t say anything I shouldn’t and I don’t any outbursts (both housemates have been moody recently). But it also makes me listen more and just say what is necessary. It’s a good phase to be in.

    It’s not as new and fascinating as it used to be, but I still like to watch my phone update itself. The first time I saw it happen, I was mesmerized.

    10:46 p.m.

  4. I have noisy visitors/neighbors come to the desert and the group party until the wee hours. The noise carries so far on the still desert floor, and maybe they have no clue, although security has warned them several times…so yeah, probably just rude. So I’m battling tossing and turning with a time change and it isn’t pretty. : (

    Oh no! The selfish bastards.
    Okay, all together now,
    in the direction of the desert,
    shout it with me JulieLanders:


    (That should do it.)

    10:47 p.m.

  5. Yeah, our Jake didn’t roll back well either. He kept asking to go out as that is the first thing done in the morning before food. He was let out but not fed as everyone wanted to SLEEP! And I forgot to reset the timer’s on the fish tank lights so they all popped on an hour early. Which probably didn’t help the dog any. “The lights are on people! You’re late feeding me!” And Aunt Flo is here causing pain and sleep disruption. AND it looks like the Husband has Gout!!! Unreal. Gout, him. *shakes head*

    Like Sloth’s message. “She counsels that you treasure that which surrounds you.” Gotta do this more.

    Love and healing,
    from me to you (and the entire family).

    10:49 p.m.

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