The messing of Mercury got me again today.  Or maybe it was simply my Swiss cheese brain.  Either way, our afternoon went slightly sideways.

             We pared everything down to one errand (before The Deputy had to leave for work) that just involved my parents.  And as Mom said, “oh Honey, I’m so sorry.   Forgetting shit is all my fault.”  She’s right, as usual.  Genetics being what they are.

             None of this detracted from our daily draw or message, nor did my continuing work towards getting interviews set up for next week.  THAT was done earlier.  The dream, card, and image I’ll be sharing below, all coalesce into one healing gift.

Clear thinking,

open communication.

             Echoing yesterday’s guidebook definition, we’re being advised to continue with our direct truthfulness.  We ARE worth it, and we ARE entitled to living a peaceful, joyous life.

angel messages, living truthfully, guidance, oracle cards

“Angel of Guidance  ~

A renewed sense of direction and purpose will soon manifest.

You have felt a bit lost and confused lately, perhaps not sure of which direction to take.  The Angel of Guidance has felt your silent cries for help and is here to guide you upon your soul’s chosen path.

Close your eyes for a few moments and feel a healing, calming, and clarifying light swell from your heart centre.  Feel it expand through to your auric field creating an aura of rainbow light around you.  In your mind’s eye, imagine before you a beautiful golden path surrounded by the lush foliage of trees and flowers, and visualise yourself upon this path heading towards the sun beyond the horizon.

The golden path symbolises your journey in this life, while the sun is the reflection of your soul which is your guiding light.  Stop trying to figure it all out and simply trust, for you are always on the right path whether you know it or not.  

Practice the golden path meditation a little each day and surrender all to your angel of guidance who is here to help you.  You will have a renewed sense of direction and purpose very soon.

Trust and love!”

             The card before today’s, in this deck, was the last of that rotation, so I shuffled them and began again.  When I saw that this was the Golden Path meditation, I was thrilled with the reminder.

             Look what I carry around with me, all over the house.   And often, out of it.

post it notes, meditation, the golden  path, reminders
One of many.
Post It Notes!

             We can’t argue that when we calm our busy minds, and quiet our loud thoughts, we feel better.  And then, the healing has begun.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is a view from our afternoon outing.

rainbows, pleasant hill
Local rainbow.
On the road where my parents live.
(Right off the highway.)

             Beautiful vista, isn’t it?  The noise inside of our vehicle was less than serene though, more like shrill.  “Stop the car.  Dammit Dan, stop!”  He was very accommodating.   Eventually.  So ya know, enjoy this.  From us, to you.

3 thoughts on “A Welcome Return.

  1. Because I’m technologically challanged, Mercury doesn’t usually register too much when it’s in Retrograde. But this time around? Yikes. Or maybe I should say, “Grrrrrrr.” My son said I shouldn’t be allowed near technology. The microphone on this computer is dead and the DVD player is dying a slow hissing and clunking death. *sigh*

    Interesting that the Golden Path meditation came up again. “Stop trying to figure it all out and simply trust, for you are always on the right path whether you know it or not.” I’m a Taurus. Do you have any idea how difficult that is? Especially since this current path sucks the big one. (Deep Breath)

    Changing the topic (that path with trees and flowers did it) – when we went to see our son at school yesterday, he took me to a garden he had found and likes to sit in between classes. -MY-SON- Mr. Anti-Plant person sitting in a small beautiful garden. Unfortunately, I got so excited over the vines they have growing over the pergolas that I didn’t take a wide picture. But what a restful lovely place. I’ll have to get pictures come spring when everything is growing. I did scavange seeds, however. Now to find out what they are!

    The entire point of the Letting Go lesson is Faith. I know, first hand, how difficult it is.

    10:39 p.m.

  2. I like that Golden Path meditation. I just did it. It’s been a busy day, visiting with the female housemate, going to an antiques fair. Now I’m all tired and finally catching up with today’s blogs.

    Love the pic of the rainbow, too. Thank you very much!

    I think what is so perfect about this particular mediation is that it’s nicely open-ended, with such exacting (but few) words, and can really take us ANYwhere!

    10:41 p.m.

  3. You use post it notes, I use my dumbphone alarm. Just earlier today I set my alarm so that I wouldn’t forget to turn on the television for half an hour and watch The Last of the Summer Wine. Amusing half hour well worth my time.
    Thanks for the rainbow pic. Nice.

    I also use the backs of any stray envelope.
    We save them, for this exact purpose.

    10:42 p.m.

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