My day began slightly differently than most afternoons.  I had an early appointment, needed to be out of the house and on my way well before I usually have to show up anywhere.  It could have gone poorly, but thankfully, this time it didn’t.

             Also, I’ve begun the interviewing process for my upcoming mall work.  This isn’t a terrible part of the job.  Meeting new people, on a small controlled scale, can be pretty fun.  And is always entertaining.

             As I sat down, for some quiet time and to write up our message/flip the daily draw, I was struck by how well these have been combining, for such lovely and harmonious guidance.  Today that trend continues.

             Here’s what I heard:

live completely.

             The images I saw in this dream were of nature, and cohesive shapes.  Like geometry in the wilds, if that makes any sense you.  With the most genuine and earnest emotions behind it all.  Like we are being reminded how enriched our lives can be when we embrace the massive amounts of goodness that surround our day-to-day existence.

             Within our regular rotation on the card altar we have this as a bright, shiny validation.  Once more.  (See?  Toldja.)

angel cards, messages from saints and angels, don't compromise, stand your ground, live honestly

“Don’t Compromise  ~

St Agnes of Rome

You are being asked to stand in favor of your truth and self-esteem.  You don’t need to compromise to get what you want, and you can live by the truth of your beliefs.  St Agnes is your guide and role model in this aspect.  She shows that in love and relationships – as well as career, home, health, and other life areas – you mustn’t compromise  your values.

If you are in a difficult situation, first try to negotiate a better solution with the people involved.  For instance, if your romantic relationship is unsatisfactory, tell your partner your honest feelings.  St Agnes with your angels will help you speak truthfully with love so that your partner can really hear  you.

If this doesn’t yield satisfactory results, this saint may guide you to a counselor or a helpful organization.  The key with this message, though, is to stand by  your truth without compromise.  As God’s holy child, you deserve to be treated with love, respect, and dignity.  Accepting nothing less……….”

             Substitute any words that don’t work for you, as always.  For instance, that last line, “as a perfect and beautiful child of the Universe……”  And if romantic relationships are not your deal right now, replace that scenario with “business partner” or “house-mates” or “school associates” and re-read the example.

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

was not too far, but it was pretty damp, cold, and windy, for a brief 3.855 miles, in 22 minutes 27 seconds, with the same average speed of 10.3 MPH as yesterday.

Today’s Sharing:

is from this afternoon.  Left-overs.

Dia de los Muertos
On Instagram I titled it:
The Day After
#Dio de los Muertos

             Now we’re into November.   And tomorrow night we Fall Back.  This season of Autumn seems to be kinda speeding along!  I’m a fan.

3 thoughts on “In this case, inflexible.

  1. I’m glad you enjoying the interviewing part. I can just see you drawing in and radiating energy and prosperity and all good things.

    Good card. I’ll need to draw upon it for when I call my supervisor from my last freelance gig to try to get feedback about why they’ve changed their mind about me and about having me work for them anymore. (This triggers so many of my issues, it’s hard.)

    God, Fall Back. Good. I can use the extra hour of sleep! 🙂

    Fall Back always makes me SO damn happy!

    12:14 a.m.

  2. Hope the interviews continue to go well.
    I’m finally caught up with galley edits for book #4. Signed off last night, and my brain is mush. In fact my entire body is aching. Some days I think I’m getting too old for this stuff. So, this card is meaningful. I’m going for a walk and will think on it. : )

    Never too old,
    just need to remember Self-Care. 😉

    12:15 a.m.

  3. I recognize the leftover candy. Fall is going fast here, too. Still some sunny afternoons, though.
    Glad you’re having fun with the mall thing so far.

    Today it was all weird and Spring-like out.
    Odd weather, just odd.

    12:16 a.m.

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