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             The reason we need you to contribute is that Kewl Kate is worth it!  She’s a damn hard worker, she’s a genuinely beautiful soul, and she writes her fucking heart out.  With no support in her own home.  We can ALL afford one single dollar.  Or a few more.

             One more time, here’s the link: CLICK ON IT!  Please and Thank You.  And, remember, with every good thing we do, we are rippling the lovingkindness out and out and out somemore.

             Now, moving on to the event du jour.  Happy and festive Samhain.   I hope everyone’s New Year was delightful.  As I write this (mobile-y from the kitchen table, waiting for Trick-or-Treaters), mine is still in progress.

             Earlier though, as I began my afternoon, I had dreams of a scattered nature.  And by that I mean the feeling was not restful.  Like all of the people I was interacting with were transitioning.

Careful selections,

examine options.

             This is the second time we’ve received a message with that type of attitude.  The focus is (again) on our knowing that we’ve got choices.  But this time, our aim is directed toward the mindfulness of it.

             Then, on our card altar, we’ve been given a gift.  Once more, validating, and super spiritual.

bat messages, animal cards

 “Bat  ~  42  ~  Rebirth

Shrouded in the mystery of Meso-American tribal ritual is the legend of the Bat.  Akin to the ancient Buddhist belief in reincarnation, in Central America, Bat is the symbol of rebirth.  The Bat has for centuries been a treasured medicine of the Aztec, Toltec, Tolucan, and Mayan peoples.

Bat embraces the idea of shamanistic death.  The ritual death of the healer is steeped in secrets and highly involved initiation rites.  Shaman death is the symbolic death of the initiate to the old ways of life and personal identity.  The initiation that brings the right to heal and to be called shaman is necessarily preceeded by the ritual death.  Most of these rituals are brutally hard on the body, mind, and spirit.  In light of today’s standards, it can be very difficult to find a person who can take the abuse and come through it with their balance intact…….

If Bat has appeared in your cards today, it symbolizes the need for a ritualistic death of some way of life that no longer suits your new growth pattern.  This can mean a time of letting go of old habits,and of assuming the position in life that prepares you for rebirth, or in some cases initiation.   In every case, Bat signals rebirth of some part of yourself or the death of old patterns.

If you resist  your destiny, it can be a long, drawn out, or painful death.  The universe is always asking you to grow and become your future.  To do so you must die the shaman’s death.”

             How much more perfect of a draw could we have gotten?  Bat is the ideal representative for what we’re working on, as well as the day(s).  The happiest of Dia de los Muertos to you and yours!

Today’s Deck:

Medicine Cards – The Discovery Of Power Through The Ways Of Animals by Jamie Sams and David Carson, illustrated by Angela C Werneke

Today’s Mileage:

was to see *K* and back, nowhere else, in 7.538 miles, for 43 minutes 32 seconds of pedal time, with an average pace of 10.3 MPH (zippier than it looks because there are no hills between me and her, except for the ones I need to climb on our own street in order to get home).

Today’s Sharing:

is Dan’s holiday contributions for this year, all carved and lit.  (Be sure to check in the archives for his previous works of art if this is your first October with us, tagged as samhain.)

His own design, after an idea I had.
His own design, after an idea I had.

             And for his white one, he used a pattern that came from these guys.

We took this shot in the kitchen, with a bath towel tossed over the stove.
We took this shot in the kitchen, with a bath towel tossed over the stove.

             There is a back-side carving that’s supposed to reflect behind  your pumpkin.   It’s a very cool concept, and works well when we have them outside.  Hopefully you can see how it works this way, too.

FLP Report:

Wyoming.  That was it.

4 thoughts on “Renewal Celebration.

  1. Thank you SO MUCH, Julie! I’m not getting the support I was hoping for, but then you never know what will spark people to contribute. They should go watch the video in any case. It’s a damn cute video. Especially the outtakes.

    You are BEYOND welcome! I’m shocked about the results so far too. Who can’t afford ONE DOLLAR?!
    (Oops, was that outloud?)

    And yes, the outtakes were super cute!

    12:34 a.m.

  2. When I’m actually in a place where I have my credit card at hand, I will definitely donate. We must stick together!

    Samhain around here was cool. This is an affluent neighborhood, so there were more trick-or-treaters than I’ve had in a very, very long time. But not as many as in the last couple of years, apparently. Plus a friend was over, so there was much talking and laughing. And I made soup stock, so the house smelled good, too. All in all, a good day.

    I started my day with a really wonderful visualization that my therapist suggested to me when I explained why the common way of doing affirmations and visualizations (say that I have this in my life, I have the perfect job) makes my mind contradict that (no I don’t right now). So I used her recommended technique and it worked great. Be ready for great things to come!

    Yes, we must.

    12:36 a.m.

  3. love the dragonfly pumpkin! well, both of them, but esp that one. thanks for the link to Kate’s site, I’m off to see it.

    I had this vague idea, and he did such a brilliant job of bringing it to life.

    The more we share, the more support Kewl Kate will have.

    12:44 a.m.

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