Today’s message dream (that arrived much later than usual because we overslept) began in one old house and ended in another.  With family, friends, and pets.  It also had a rotary dial phone, more than one hidden closet, some connecting doors (room to room), and fish ladders.

             What all of these have in common for me are childhood experiences.

Eyes forward,

memories back.

             Remember Dan telling me to focus on what I do have, instead of what I don’t?  Well, that’s this reminder as well.  It’s about the gratitude of right now, the (perfectly acceptable when not constantly dwelling on) fondness for before, and the exciting prospects of later.

             There is absolutely no point to “what if” or “we should have” or “if only” or “why didn’t we” and “oh, I wish…..”  Partly because it promotes a deprivation mind-set, but also, it’s simply a massive fucking waste of ourselves.

             On our card altar we have another validation, one that I’m going to re-name as:  healthy cleansing.  Because it’s time for a really big Release.  Past time, in fact,  to actually Let Go.

fairie messages, time to release, oracle cards, letting go

“Detoxification  ~

You are being guided to clean your body, environment, mind, and heart of toxins.  The fairies will help you with this endeavor.

It’s time to let go of toxins, within and around you.  This card validates your inner guidance that has been telling you to let go of harmful habits.  Go outside in nature, and call upon the fairies to surround you.  Ask for help in releasing toxins from your mind, body, and heart…..

….. your thoughts and emotions will veer away from judgment and fear, and will become love-based instead.


I take excellent care of my body, and I crave only healthful foods and beverages.”

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

just up to pool class and back (but I had to find a hat and put on socks for this ride, because it’s been VERY cold here) for 3.878 miles, in 23 minutes 37 seconds, with an average pace of 9.8 MPH

Tonight’s Kitchen Adventures:

include these rolls.  Which were supposed to be a loaf of bread, but I felt like this was a better option for me.

mountain rose herbs easy seedy soda bread, soda bread rolls, seeded rolls, organic recipes for bread,
Hearty, hefty, and heavenly.
(And not even CLOSE to being this yellow in real life. See the nicely professional photos in those links below for a truer view.)

             Another hit from this awesome local herbal company.  My changes included a substitution of chia for the hemp, because that’s what I had on hand, and rye flour for the second recommendation in their recipe.  Again, that’s what was in my pantry.

             When I first saw this on the Tweeites, I knew it would be happening at The Hovel.  And when Jade came by the other evening, I shared it with him.  His suggestion was to replace a few of the savory items with currants and cinnamon, with a bit of sweetening.  Of course, then you have yourself a scone-loaf.

             Is there such a thing?  We’ll find out, when I put it all together in the next few days.  I’ll keep you (and them) posted.

FLP Report:

from our most recent outings, which I forgot to post last night, includes not one but two old-fashioned green Colorados, an individual Hawaii (always mysterious), an Illinois, one Virginia (very rare), what I thought was a peach but The Deputy said was an orange, a singular Nebraska (also not too common), and a new-to-us picturesque Montana (as Barb has told us though, they have lots of choices, so who knows which one we spotted).

7 thoughts on “Facing Front.

  1. Hmmm. Universe is really supporting what I’m doing these days…

    This surprises me
    not at all.

    12:03 a.m.

  2. Those rolls look lovely. I hope they are as tasty as they look.

    I definitely need to start getting into a healthier life style. That is a goal.

    The other is continuing to work on being present and looking forward. Due to all the losses in my life, I spent decades running “what if” and “if only” scenarios in my mind, trying to change my life (I know, but that’s kind of how my inner mind works). I’m mostly over that, but I still have work to do in that area. So your message is a good one for me right now.

    I hope you find a good solution to the commute. I second asking the company if they will pay for a bus pass; that would be the best option, money-wise.

    The rolls were seedy and sensational!

    12:08 a.m.

    (I’ll check with the mall, I know that this St Louis company will be of no help for bus passes.)

  3. A therapist told me one time that there is no point in asking questions that begin with “why” because there are no answers, which is sort of a sideways version of what you’re talking about (I think). For some reason that has been a lifesaver for me– helped me let go of all kinds of things. Also, thanks for the detox nudge. I’ve known for a couple of months now that I needed to wean myself back off caffeine (got re-addicted while writing my thesis) but just haven’t wanted to do it. Saw my m.d. earlier this week and she gave me a nudge that way, too.

    Glad to be our back-up nudge-er.

    12:10 a.m.

  4. Mercury has been making itself known around here. I finally have internet again. AND, your site wouldn’t recognize me until I logged on to WordPress. *sigh*

    My camera changes colors for me, too, sometimes. The weirdest was changing a plant to a strange shade of blue. *shakes head*

    That bread recipe definitely looks interesting and yummy.

    The recipe was simple and excellent, with plenty of wiggle room for personal choices, or pantry limitations.

    12:11 a.m.

  5. Well, okay, then. Your post, just your post, and comments now have dotted lines surrounding the whole thing. A big box. Maybe I should just go put in a DVD and knit…

    When I was editing tonight’s post I saw those lines around the search box. So, not just you, I promise!

    12:12 a.m.

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