Moderate and mixed success today.  Plus we got home tardy after some late evening issues.  Oh but Mercury is testing my patience this week!

             The final results aren’t in yet, but I think the bike-on-bus will be an option once we get it all figured out.  Sadly, it won’t be nearly as budget-friendly as we were hoping.  True, I won’t be buying gas, but the math doesn’t work out for a savings in this direction.

bikes on buses
Not a terribly good shot.

             This was the view from our seat.  You can just make out the handlebars of our bikes through the massive windshield.  I did learn that the bus is much warmer than I was expecting.  So I’ll have to take that in to consideration.

             What I woke up with earlier was pretty interesting.  Our channeled messages seem to be running in themes.

Individualistic creativity,

sing your own song.

             Which, to me, is simply another way of saying that we need to continue living our true and genuine lives.  Like the “own drum beat” idea, we are encouraged to be ourselves, in a musical and public way.

             And on our card altar, we have validation.  (Just not a nice drawing to go with it.)

oracle cards, angel messages, pleasure

“Angel of Pleasure  ~

Take pleasure in the things you do.

The message for you today is to start to take pleasure in all the things that you do.  It’s not all about hard work, achievement  and performance.  What is important is that you make the most of every moment in your life.  

Start to do more things that bring you pleasure and that bring pleasure to those you love, work, study, and play with.  Try it.  You  may be surprised to find that when things become pleasurable, you accomplish more, with less stress and effort.”

             Obviously the cover-up has nothing to do with the definition.   But it is so low on my priority list right now I’m not even concerned about that; they can’t all be winners.  Believe me, this was better than the original illustration.  I promise.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

is exactly what we pedaled, but not what we traveled, so there is no map.  Biking miles were 6.949, in 45 minutes 27 seconds, with an average speed of 9.1 MPH.

4 thoughts on “Circumstances and Character.

  1. Good luck with the transport issues. At least you live on the coast!

    Public transit is not great in towns smaller than New York City. At least, not in this one. But we have such great bike routes and other amenities, there really shouldn’t be any complaints.

    12:48 a.m.

  2. Bus fares have gone up horrendously in Seattle, too. They don’t even have free bus service in the downtown core anymore! WTF?! That was supposed to be a perk and an incentive to bus into downtown!

    I’m working on that being authentic and genuine thing. Mostly I’m working on figuring out what that means with me.

    This just makes no damn sense to me…. do they want us to ride the stupid buses or not?!

    12:49 a.m.

  3. Have you looked into a bus pass, or checked with the mall to see if they offer employee passes? That is one option.

    I like the card draw today, too.

    I’m still fact-finding right now. The 10 ride booklet was our first option, it was ONE of the “not success” parts of the day.

    12:51 a.m.

  4. Sorry about the transport.
    Love the card. I took great pleasure in doing my housework yesterday and today. Now all is lovely, shiny and clean, and I can sit back and admire. : )

    Your cleaning was precognitive, when I was typing in tonight’s card I totally thought of you!

    12:52 a.m.

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