Today’s birthdays include the following:

             We went to my mom and dad’s house.  The guest of honor and I tarped our soon-to-be-sold camper, and then he grilled burgers.  He did it sadly, because we’re just about out of BBQ season.

             What made him happy again though, was getting a festive phone call, enjoying an assortment of desserts, and then receiving an awesome bottle of adult beverage (thanks again Em), and a gift from the world’s’ best children.

             J.D. brought some cheeses, as he does.  Along with recipe ideas from THIS PLACE, for later gatherings.  We taste-tested the preferred drink of ancient Romans.  Apparently.

             I tried to create a slide-show, but that didn’t work.  Obviously.  Instead we’re just going with a “here’s the card, and message, plus some pictures” sort of appearance.  (Fuck you, Mercury.)

animal dreaming cards, hawk message, oracle cards, australian oracles

“Hawk  ~  11  ~  Messages

The Hawk is said to be one of the Great Solar Birds that are able to stare directly at the sun without having to squint their eyes to lessen the glare.

To be able to look directly into the sun and not have to look away is symbolic of being able to look directly at an issue and to see what needs to be acknowledged and addressed, for the self and for others.

To witness a Hawk in flight, to hear its cry, or to find one of its feathers suggests that you are about to receive a sign or a gift from Spirit.  Hawk’s cry may indicate a bountiful harvest or an impending time of abundance, while the finding of a feather sometimes portends the birth of a child or a spiritual gift about to awaken.

If Hawk has appeared in your cards today you are being put on alert for signs that may fruitfully guide you to the next phase of your life.  You are being asked to remain vigilant and willing to act at a moment’s notice.

You are also being told that it is okay to ask for signs indicating when messages are about to come so that you do not miss them.  For example, asking Spirit through meditation or prayer that the messages be pre-signed by the appearance of, for example, a woman wearing predominately yellow who will ask to take your photograph, is an obvious and precise way of knowing exactly when to be at your most attentive.  

Ask that the Spirit of the Hawk carry this request to Spirit with the clear understanding that as soon as a woman presents herself, dressed predominantly in yellow and asks to take your photo, Spirit will send an obvious message, sign, or omen that will help you to see your future clearly; free of the usual emotional blockages, or physical obstacles that have hindered your path in the past.  The woman will act as  your trigger; your signpost that tells you when to stop and listen for Spirit’s guidance.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Channeled Message:

There are always options, and choices, and alternative routes.

The Views of Our Day:

autumnal welcome
A lovely welcome on this Autumnal afternoon.

The combined efforts of all three people I gave birth to.

Dan's gift, it came with a carry bag.
Dan’s gift, it came with a carry bag.

Some family members prefer pie, and other pie, and then some more pie.

birthday desserts
Happy Birthday!

              (Yes, that’s a Barbie candle, we’ve been using it for many years now, it’s tradition!)

12 thoughts on “Bountiful.

  1. It was also my brother’s birthday, and my goddaughter’s birthday. Happy, happy birthday, Dan! 🙂

    We’ll add them to our list!

    10:03 p.m.

  2. Happy Day to Dan. Looks like a festive fun time; grilling season is never over! Ya just gotta get creative.

    No deck cover at GrandSir’s place, and the propane was very low, plus the chips all ran out.

    At our house, things are fine. 😛

    10:04 p.m.

  3. Happy happy Birthday, Dan!!!

    Love Hawk! (Except that whole woman in yellow asking to take your photo bit seems just a smidge far-fetched. Just sayin.)

    I believe he was TRYING to be obvious, for example-ing purposes.

    10:05 p.m.

  4. Hey, happy birthday, Dan. Glad you all had a lovely get together and celebration. What a lovely festive autumn photo.

    As we arrived I was just struck by how picturesque that front yard looked, so I had to share. My mother is very tasteful, and my dad likes things tidy.
    (I got none of those genes, by the way.)

    10:08 p.m.

  5. Happy birthday, Dan! Hope it was fabulous. And, TOOLS! Who doesn’t want that kind of birthday?

    I agree with Corina that the woman in yellow etc. thing does seem a bit extreme. Especially as I don’t go anywhere terribly public much right now. 😉 But the card message is great.

    It’s a cordless drill kit, with extras.
    He needed this, badly.

    Also? Don’t ever get me tools, *I* wouldn’t want that as a gift.

    10:09 p.m.

  6. me three, about the woman in yellow, but I’m also kind of tempted to try it. When a tall, dark, handsome man appears at my elbow with a box of chocolates, I will know that something good is about to happen. which would be sort of obvious because hello, box of chocolate. 🙂

    Dean would be thrilled with a birthday present like that! hope Dan can put them to good use.

    Dan wore out his last drill. Today he immediately went and worked on the backyard planter, all new tools were great.

    10:10 p.m.

  7. We also had pie. Peanut butter with chocolate ganache. Happy birthday from one side of the country to the other. 🙂

    You just don’t know how happy it makes me that they share a day.

    10:11 p.m.

  8. Happy Birthday, Dan!

    And I’ll join the line over the woman in yellow thing. Good message, though. And a wonderful autumn picture!

    See my reply to Robena, any yard under my parents’ care is very pretty, without being fake.

    10:12 p.m.

  9. OMG, it’s been forever since I checked in here at Julieland…and what card do I find, but Hawk! Lots of family stuff and funk keeping me busy elsewhere, but I miss everyBetty. I’ll email you and fill you in. It will take me forever to catch up, but I will work on it.

    Happy Birthday Dan!

    * muppet flail*

    Holy crap it’s good to see you!!!!

    10:13 p.m.

  10. Happy Birthday Dan. And what a motley crew of people born the same day as you!
    Your card reminded me I saw a hawk at an auspicious time in an auspicious place just the other day. And it makes perfect sense reading the meaning.
    Damn now I want pie. Nope. I still want cinnamon rolls. My chocolate obsession has become a cinnamon obsession.
    Fuck you, Mercury. You are so brave.

    Now I want cinnamon rolls…….

    10:19 p.m.

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