The channeled messages are back.  And maybe so am I.  Perhaps.  There’s a lot* still to manage, but I’m working on it.  According to *A* today, I’m actually doing it fairly well, too.  I trust her, so ya know, she’s probably right.

*Definitely not Alot, though.

             What I heard first thing, right as I woke up, was that we need to continue facing these challenges and moving forward.  Plus, we are best suited to do it together.

Share knowledge,

leave a legacy.

             Like when we reach out, thank a friend for simply showing up.  Or we pass on a helpful tip or useful link.  Last night I saw this, on the chat with Allie Brosh.  (Very special thanks to Hanny, for sending her mother there originally.)

nest time, sometimes we need a nest, depression and nesting
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             Feel free to share this, as I did.  The creative credit is included at the bottom, just make sure that you link back to the original site (and read their rules for reposting).  Well done, robot-hugs dot com.

             On our card altar we’ve stayed within the regular rotation, to come around onto this most gentle helper-of-all.  Sometimes, it’s best to just get back to the basics.

crystal oracle cards, clear quartz crystal, healing stones, basic crystals

“Clear Quartz  ~

harmony, meditation, protection, infinite possibilities

Clear Quartz crystal can be programmed with whatever qualities you desire, for just like you, this crystal is full of infinite possibilities.

This card is asking you to reflect on all that you would like to achieve in life.  Make a list and then mentally infuse this card, (or alternatively, a real Quartz crystal) with all the qualities and things that you wish to manifest.

Carry the card (or stone) with you – keep it close to your heart and mentally envisage your life as you would love it to be.  Set realistic goals for yourself and repeat this ritual daily until your goals are reached, then set new goals.

Remember – all is possible if you believe it.  Just make sure it is truly what your heart desires.  Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was one errand, downtown and back, at a nicely brisk pace of 10.8 MPH (in some killer wind, too), for a total of 8.594 miles, pedaling time of 47 minutes 38 seconds.

FLP Report:

was a lone Minnesota, who could potentially be a re-run plate.

Today’s Sharing:

is this view, from Tuesday’s urban hike.  Where we rested, and First Aided.

Hello Kitty Angel backpack
Yes, I wore the Hello (Angel) Kitty backpack. Part of the way I even had it on backwards.

             That’s a Daniel foot in frame.  Mine are not.  Neither one of them.  They were too hideously painful to be looked at.  Putting extra eyes on them would have hurt more.

             Both are gradually healing though, thanks for asking.

2 thoughts on “Reinforcements.

  1. Ahhh, nesting. I have many fond memories of nesting with my kids.

    Quartz! Luuuuuuve quartz! So many different uses and so many different kinds. I think of it as the backbone of the world of crystals.

    I could use an Alot. You know me and critters! 🙂

    “…..the backbone of the world of crystals.”
    Nice one!

    11:37 p.m.

  2. That’s a terrific cartoon! I love that it shows somebody not just deciding to leave the person alone but to take initiative to help them and to give them what they didn’t even know they needed. It’s like that in times of grief, too, when you don’t have the energy to even think of something to ask someone to do. It is such a blessing when someone actually offers or simply does something concrete that helps.

    I have some polished quartz rocks from the beach; I’m sure I must have a few in the things I packed to bring to the house, so I’ll look for them. Otherwise, I’ll just go out and buy one.

    I need to spend more time really thinking about my ideal life so I can make it concrete and know what to ask for and aim for.

    So glad that *A* says you are doing well! You are persistent and valiant, more than you know, and I am sure you will keep doing as well as you can, even if it varies over time. *HUGS*

    Wow, thanks!

    10:38 p.m.

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