To our eyes, mostly, the series of shades that make up a rainbow go in a specific order, and we like that.  It pleases our aesthetics (I’m speaking in general terms here, stick with me).

             Similarly, numerical and alphabetized order are sensible ways to categorize our lives, and keep shit straight.  The message that I woke up with today is a reference to this general concept:

rainbow colors and sequential patterning are some of the most essential tools we can utilize.

             And to keep the idea going, today’s daily draw reminds us of yesterday’s Divine Order message.  This one talks about the orderliness of the Universe  and that our pacing/timing must have sequence.

robin wood tarot, 9 of wands
9 of Wands

             He’s standing.  And that’s an accomplishment, unto itself.  Clearly he’s been through something, as we all have.  But his wounds are physical.  Some of ours are as well, but many more are on the inside, where others can’s see them.

             Which is maybe a good thing, no one wants to watch a loved one bleed all over the carpet.

             The suit is sparking and blooming with Life.  As are we all.  The point here, though, is that we are survivors, strong and flexible.   We can withstand so very much more than we ever thought we could.  However, we must use care, and we must do it in order.

             Chaos might be entertaining’ and certainly sometimes useful, but for the bare bones of living our day-to-day, we need some patterns, some strategies, some consistent and recognizable sequences.

             Does it take patience?  A thing we often lack?  Why, yes.  Yes it sure as hell does.  Do we need to “dig deep” to find it on challenging days?  Yes, again.

             Can we?  Of course we can.  So, we will.  Just as we’ve done before.   And in the end, like this guy, we’ll be a bit more scarred than we were, but we’ll be standing proud, mostly all in one piece.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

was a walk.  According to my feet, it was a death march.  Here’s the MAP, I may (or may not) explain tomorrow.  When I’m feeling better.

5 thoughts on “Arranged.

  1. Oooo, no comments yesterday and you say you’re not feeling well. Not good. Sending you many sparkly FGBV’s and some great big healing {{{HUGS}}} for a better day.

  2. What Robin said!

    Developing healthy routines and habits is one of the things I’ve been working on in therapy for several years. I was getting better about them in Houston, but the move erased them and I am having to start over. *shrug* Probably good practice.

  3. Well, dang, girl! Five 17 minute miles is pretty brisk and far walking. As they say in the South, my dawgs would be barkin’!

    I’m having thoughtful thoughts about order and chaos swirling around in my head, starting from a class on Great Themes of the Old Testament with a nearby rabbi (whom I’m developing a crush on). He was reading us a bit from that book – When Bad Things Happen to Good People – in which the writer talks about God creating order from chaos but leaving a bit of chaos and that is where bad things come from. And I started thinking about change and creativity and how they come from chaos, not order, and that’s as far as that thought has gotten. Except that chaos may not be bad or good, but bad or good may result from it. Hmmm.

    Hugs and FGBVs for you as needed.

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