Another (sunshine-y!) day that I was NOT on my bike, but had to resort to car erranding.  I was not thrilled with how this turned out, but I was resigned to it.  Having Daniel purchase me some fabulous bargains, and a few high quality treats, did help sooth the pain though.

             We were in search of rugs, and we did find one (SALE!) that I loved immediately (7 dollars!), but also, we stumbled upon a super awesome thing to cover Megan’s chair with.

The back has rows of color-matching polka dots!

             That photo of it ON the chaise will appear here as soon as I’ve washed and dried the quilt.

             When I woke up today, I was confident that we’d find what we needed to, but I was still surprised by the ease of it all.  Even after I processed what our message was.

Go within;

regular check ins are recommended.

             The illustration I was shown with had more to do with physical health than with spiritual or mental.  It’s was suggested, by way of my dream, that we all make a point of taking a quiet moment and asking our bodies if everything is okay.  Then focusing our natural ability for healing on those parts that make themselves known.

             I do this most “mornings” now, as I stand at my window and stretch all the sleepiness out.  So I can’t sing its praises highly enough.  Seriously, do this.  At whatever point in your day you can manage it.

             The idea that we are in control of our cells is not a new one, but I was really happy to see it come up as a reminder this way.

             Back around our regular rotation we received a huge validation that this is exactly the way to go.

oracle cards, ally messages, intuition, all is sacred

“The Altar Priestess  ~

preparation, prayer, sacred ritual

The stage is set, and the world is waiting for you to take your place in sacred meditation and prayer.  As  your Ally, the Altar Priestess brings the ritual of reverent interaction with the mundane world.  You are being required now to see everything as sacred, all of life as a mediation, and every action as a prayer of devotion.

When you’re able to perceive the world in this way, your question will lead you to the appropriate answer.

If all is sacred, how can anything be wrong?   Ask how you can shift your consciousness to see your circumstances through the eyes of the Divine and  you will realize how perfect and sacred everything is right now.”

             Even though this one came up well and truly Direct, I’m hearing that some folks also need to see the Contrary definition.

“Challenger  ~

Are you degrading yourself in any way or lessening the importance of your impact in your world?  Have you allowed someone to dishonor you?  Have you failed to stand up for beliefs in order to get something you want?

The Altar Priestess warns that continuing on this path could bring you trouble, as you may be aligning yourself with lower ideas as your companions.

Another message she brings you is this:  never sell yourself short when it comes to your intuition.  You are always led to the highest ground when you follow your inner guidance.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

was grabbed directly off of Jenny’s round-up post from Sunday; I can’t always take walks in nice (or any) neighborhoods, because I suffer from what Dan calls House Envy, but I can look at THIS website and feel soverymuch better.

Today’s Number of Amazing Proportions:

is that I’ve not missed a daily post in around 33 months.  By my count, the last day I did not post SOMEthing was December 25, 2010.  Just felt the need to note that.  Have no clue why.

5 thoughts on “Inward.

  1. Now that is consistent blogging! I can’t think of a single thing that I have done every day since late 2010. Thank you for being a part of my days!

    Very interesting message and card, and especially pertinent to me right now. Had my first osteopathic treatment Wednesday, and as part of our casual conversation (Doc Sandy has a daughter who was a USMC MP) we discussed where the body stores stress, and if there is a relationship between the location and type of stress. I won’t go into a lot of detail here, but I store stress in the upper right quadrant of my body, which, energetically, is the side for release. After further, specific, conversation, I had my marching orders: meditate for a bit, examine what I am still holding onto, and release that, via strikes if possible. Very interesting. I haven’t done the meditation part yet, but I won’t be surprised if it isn’t the traumatic stress of 28 years of being a numbered person but 28 years of dealing with the stress from within the organization… I will check and advise…

    Oh hell yeah, we need to be chatting about this in person! Guess it’s time for another dinner meet-up, oh darn. 😉

    11:34 p.m.

  2. I’m pretty sure the only thing I’ve done consistently since 2010 is wake up. And some days, that was followed by quickly returning to bed. You’re amazing!

    Oh my, those photos are funny. Scary and sad, but funny. I get lifestyle envy when I flip through my Country Living magazines, so I hear ya.

    It might just be OCD……….

    11:35 p.m.

  3. Wow. I am so impressed by your consistency in posting! I really love that you do so. I love the messages and I love your checking in.

    Having hunted for and bought two houses so far in my lifetime, I am well-acquainted with very bad real estate photos. And none of them have been as bad as the ones on that site. I mean, wow, it seems you’d really have to work at it to be that bad.

    The pictures ARE bad, but holy crap, the captions had me laughing so hard I cried. (Why yes, I did read ALL of them.)

    11:36 p.m.

  4. ROFL! I think it would be quicker for me to find the parts of my body NOT clamoring for new parts or replacement!

    “Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms” jumped out at me at a used book store for less than half off. The only reason I was even in there was trying to find a book on Permaculture cheap. *shrugs* Like I “need” another deck. But since I had gotten away from using Tarot this summer while life was hell, I figured this was a smack/reminder of where I need to get back to. (IknowIknowIknow I’ll learn this lesson eventually. But I was raised to believe that taking time for my sorry self instead of doing for everyone else as ‘ordered’ was a ‘no-no’. And I AM going to break this damn cycle. It’s never really gotten me anywhere anyway.)

    I howled at the real estate pictures. OMG.

    33 months straight. OMG. WOW! Hey, I’ve had tea for breakfast every day since 2010. Can that count as something? 🙂

    Totally counts.

    11:39 p.m.

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