It was supremely clear and gorgeous out today, but still very fall-like where the temperatures are concerned.  I wore shorts on my ride though, so that was terrific.  I also got to fill out a survey.  On the bike path.

             As I pedaled along, just past the high school’ there were two delightful young men, with clipboards.  Their job was to ask folks some questions.  Apparently the city is in a new info-gathering phase, and they want to know our opinions.

             I’ve never met a survey I didn’t want to take.  Believe me when I say that my love of questionnaires is long-standing and it’s far-reaching.  Someone ASKING my opinion?  Oh hell yeah, sign me up!

             My only concern for the guys was where local government had them stationed.  It’s a VERY busy part of the path.  Fortunately there was a nice grassy spot to pull over.  But still, I remain unhappy with their positioning.

            Sadly, there was no box to fill in for THAT remark.  Of course I did complete the entire survey.  But when I rode off, there was some issue with my music player.  Damn good thing I now have a fancy-pants phone.

             I plugged my headphones in to that, and switched my tunes back on.  Slightly more cumbersome to Shuffle, if a song shows up that I don’t feel in the mood for, but I was careful, and got home safely.

             Hours earlier, before I left the house, our daily message bounced around in my head, not wanting to clear itself up immediately.  It was accompanied by a slightly unsettling dream.  This statement actually helped me to move on into my day.

Compromise, without loss of integrity,

is always possible.

             Did I have the current political situation in my subconscious mind?  Maybe, but it also felt more personal.  Like we need to remember how our challenges really are all about our own evolution.

             How when we work with others, and how we keep our own genuine self in tact, it’s one of the most valuable lessons we can learn.  Roll with it, and don’t sweat the small shit.

             And then our daily draw reminds us of how we CAN actually manage this, as long as we plan ahead.

oracle and animal cards, red squirrel messages,

“Red Squirrel  ~

Gather your resources now, for they will sustain you through coming change.

Benevolent Red Squirrel has scurried into your cards so that you may prepare for the future, for change is in the air.  She counsels that you gather skills that are universal, transferable, and fundamental – the simple tools of life, such as cooking or the growing of vegetables, too often cast aside in a metropolitan world – and preserve some of today’s material bounty for the morrow.

Unencumbered and adaptable you may then, like Squirrel, swim with the tides of the future and enjoy what is here today.”

             What I love about being a life-long learner is that we can take up any subject, like the example mentioned here of cooking, and we can make it our own.  We can improve our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  The bonus is that it really IS that simple.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Mileage:

as mentioned above, was downtown and back, 8.197 miles, in 45 minutes 25 seconds, with a pretty zippy pace (surprisingly, because that damn wind was back) of 10.9 MPH.

Today’s Amazing Statistic:

tells us that this post is number 1,575.

Affirmation, from Louise:

My life is full of joy and wonderful surprises.

9 thoughts on “Prepared and Current.

  1. Ah, compromise. Isn’t all of life a negotiation? Choosing what job gets priority, where to devote our energy, which kid gets the last waffle?

    Let me say, that Louise is spot on! The previous two Mondays were hellish, exhausting, but I got a lovely reward later in each day that gave me the energy to keep moving. And this week, Five made it to school every day! Woo hoo!

    So far, I’ve yet to find anything about Louise, or her work, that I don’t adore beyond all measure. Including her new haircut, which is about as current as it gets (near identical to P!nk’s).

    And woo hoo, yipee for Five! (And you too, of course.)

    11:29 p.m.

  2. Yep, compromise is important. I’ve done a ton of it this week. : )

    Sometimes we just need to get along,
    even when it’s difficult.

    11:30 p.m.

  3. Living in this house with these housemates requires that I compromise constantly. It’s a good learning experience for me. 🙂

    I’ve promised the housemates that I will cook my famous Sunshine Lentil Soup. It’s very labor-intensive, but extremely satisfying to make (and to eat!). Maybe even this weekend. I do need to begin (after all these months) contributing to the cooking. And re-learning how to cook along the way.

    Please, and Thank You.

    11:31 p.m.

  4. Sign me up as another one who has a great deal of difficulty passing up opinions polls. Except for phone polls. I hate those.

    Also quizzes. I always click on the quizzes.

    Did you see the gorgeous moon??

    My dad called yesterday (and again tonight) to give me the Lunar Update, he has the BEST views!

    11:32 p.m.

  5. After reading Karen’s post I realized I was ‘off’ on the moon days so I ran outside to take a look. Yep, there it was! It’s 11:30 here but it still looks full to me. Bright and Beautiful! Soooo glad I didn’t know about the Void of Course! 🙂

    I bought a whole chicken on a whim today. Can’t remember the last time I actually made homemade soup. *shakes head* And I’m going to look for a recipe for Red Velvet Gobs. I saw them in the store and started twitching.

    1,575 posts? (THUNK!) That was me falling on the floor. The mind boggles. Go you!

    We made beef stew last week, it was beyond good, and it took hours!

    I found another number; you’ll appreciate it since you’ve gone through the archives and read-to-catch-up.

    11:36 p.m.

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