About an hour before our alarm goes off (in the “morning”), a thing happens now.  My dreams change and I become aware that the daily message is being delivered.   It’s an odd sensation.  And I’m not sure what to think of it.

             Although really, anything that brings me out of my coma sleeping phase, that is NOT the damn dog barking in my face, isn’t necessarily a terrible event.  I don’t feel as though I’m being cheated* of slumber, because I am not FULLY awakened.  Just moderately notified.

*Don’t hate me because I can stay dead-ass asleep for over 9 hours, pity me because I can’t fucking wake up.

             This “notification” kind of helps me to see how the dreams and the messages all go together.  If I wasn’t being alerted, then they’d all just sort of run together.  Which I think is what used to happen.

             Today, we received this one, along with a very complicated dream about actual challenges and barricades:

the blockades in our path are really opportunities for taking alternative routes.

             And it’s such a great statement that I’ve added it to our sidebar full of Wisdom (way   <———–   over there on the far left, practically at the bottom).

             As you can see below, the cards had more to say (and not with a very pleasant illustration, so I covered it).

oracle cards, angel messages, cover-ups

“Angel of Diet & Nutrition  ~

Pay attention to what you eat and drink;

you intuitively know what is good for you.

You are being urged to pay attention to what you eat and drink right now; make sure you maintain a balanced diet.  Remember, you intuitively know what is good for you.  Simply pay attention and be mindful – all in moderation.

You are also being urged to pay attention to  your thoughts.  Healthy nutrition is not solely derived from what we eat and drink, it also stems from our thoughts.  Positive and loving thoughts are just as nourishing as good food and drink.

Let go of every fearful and negative thought and replace it with love; there is nothing to fear.”

             I was glad to see that this one didn’t go off into lecture mode (as some have a tendency to do), but that it included the mental aspect as well as physical.

Today’s Deck: 

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was a very cold (but not rainy) ride to the pool and back, and yep, it’s nearly full dark by the time I head home now, 3.873 miles, in 23 minutes 20 seconds, with a slower average pace of 9.9 MPH, slower than it felt.

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS, and I’ll be wearing purple.

Today’s Business News:

will simply be me saying that my Facebook page is still out there, not doing too much.

4 thoughts on “Healthy and Rested.

  1. I find it interesting that as you get more in tune with the messages, they make themselves heard in a more orderly fashion. One of the things my sister does when shopping, preparing or eating is to bless the farmers, the gatherers, the merchants and the cooks who teamed up to give her the food she’s eating. She also volunteers twice weekly at the Phoenix (OR) community food kitchen, which is at the Presbyterian church in Phoenix, priding itself on being an open and affirming congregation. They are interested in becoming a full on community center, and are looking to my sister for how to make that happen. Pretty cool stuff!

    Extremely cool stuff!

    11:04 p.m.

  2. ‘the blockades in our path are really opportunities for taking alternative routes.’

    Except my alternative routes are usually worse than the blockade. Blerg.

    Re-framing this:

    “my alternative routes are usually”….. more challenging and better for me, so that I can learn and not need to repeat them.

    11:05 p.m.

  3. Last night, the housemates and I went out for Indian food. As we sat around the table and ate, we talked about our overeating problems, especially the problem of sugar and late-night snacking. We talked about ways to redirect those urges or somehow rein them in. Nice synchronicity with the post!

    Oooo, so nicely timed.

    11:06 p.m.

  4. The blockades thing is wise although sometimes it just makes me want to smack someone. Can’t I just walk down the fun path unimpeded for a while?
    Sadly – my intuition about what to eat is not working right now. Everything I eat gives me a belly ache.
    Hey I’ve been wearing purple forever. Little did I know it was making such a good statement.
    And I do envy you your nine hours. I can get 6 to 8 once in a while but they will be interrupted by many wake ups for various things.

    The “fun path” does really sound like it would be SO much easier than this one we’re on right now. We need to figure out how to get over there!

    11:07 p.m.

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